Cdi - lightning high power cdi with ignition coil

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    Most Frequent Questions so far:

    Yes this can be used as a direct replacement for the standard 2-stroke CDI.

    It is a huge improvement and your old CDI goes bye-bye. If you have our Spark Plug Wire in your old CDI, you can unscrew it and use it with the supplied coil.

    Yes the spark is advanced, but it is not radically dangerous. If you are running a race engine, you should already have a better head for cooling anyway. With the stock head it will be fine. Always read your plug and don't run too lean (air/fuel).


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    So this AM to get the oldest work horse in the stable going, I lowered it from the rafters and dusted it off. I have not started this thing for over a year, but it was getting a bit long in the tooth last time I rode it. Spark was feeble and honestly I thought the magneto had crapped out. I tried to get some spark, but it seemed weak and not consistent at all.

    I decided I would put an HD CDI on it and get an installed on a "typical" bike picture for our website.


    I repeated the same spark test. HOLY SMOKES. NOW THAT IS SPARK!

    Used the same plug, just put some fresh fuel mix in and purged the carb out. It started instantly (NEVER did that) and really goes. Too cold and wet to go for a land speed record, but the old girl pulls like it's 2008 all over again!