cdi or ignition coil?

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    this is my first( hmmm). i have a 2 stroke skyhawk engine in a mountain bike. its cool and all that but im trying to find more power. it has i believe a cdi ignition. two wires coming out of the the moter going to a small black box with the plug wire coming out of it. i have seen high performance ignition coils with the plug wire attached there is two terminals to hook wires to it. are the two compatible or am i just looking at two different typs of ignition system??
    thanks for the help:ack2::ack2:

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    Different. The CDI relys only on the input of the 2 wires. If I understand what you are talking about the Coil would requrie the addition of a mechanically operated point (or contact)that would send voltage to the spark plug.
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    a big thanks

    yeah that was what i expected. i just wanted to make sure before i tried hooking up wires. another question now is "where can i find a high performance cdi for a starfire gen II-a 58cc 2 stroke motor or even if they make one?" i am ito a project now building a tricked out mtb, everything it seems has been upgraded and all chromed. ive got the boost bottle coming a high perf.carb now that little black cdi just looks lacking...any ideas welcome
    and i cant wait to get it finished so i can post pictures!
    Thanks everbody and great motoring:cool:
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    jaguar on here sells one, its pricey though. thats mostly bcuz its from equador believe.
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