Cdi readings

Evil Knievel

New Member
Nov 11, 2021
Ive read some much conflicting blah blah blah on here Im totally lost.

my bike was running I went to change the handlebars and when I put the it back together it wouldn't run.

The clutch and clutch cable are fine
The throttle cable is working properly.

There's plenty of gas, the line is not clogged the carburetor is full of gas. Pushing the priming button it causes gas to split up into the carburetor and out the front of the little breather hole.

With my multi tester set at 20K, The Magneto readings (3.4)fall within the guidelines and is wired properly and insulated.

The kill switch has been disconnected from the harness.

The spark plug wire is good as is the plug.

The cdi reads you 4.18 on one and 4.21 on my spare.

Are both bad or am I missing something here?