CDI specs


nm joe

Hello all:
I have a 70cc and I was wondering if anyone can tell me the correct output voltage of the magneto. Also can you test the CDI with a voltmeter? What would be a good reading for both? Thanks
I found a video of a russian cdi mod
It doesnt have any details as to what it is though.
anybody have any ideas?

From what I can tell in the video, he's using the stock CDI to trigger an externally powered motorcycle or automotive coil. You can see the coil with wires running to a battery pack looking device on the downtube, as well as the jumper between the stock "CDI" and the add-on pack.

I almost wish the Chinese engines used the points & condenser ignition found on the Russian originals.
Its just a 'travel converter' transformer designed to plug into 220 and give you 110... i suspect he's using it backwards to double the voltage (from the magneto) that is then presented to the CDI.

Im guessing that his point with condenser voltage wasn't high enough (or had the correct waveform) to trigger the newer HT style CDI module, and this was his solution.
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