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    canadian version switchblade: here is an update on my bike build, yes this model is different from US version. finished the bike and went for a good ride this weekend and all good. 80cc motor stock pipe, open filter, changed to a three piece crank, ditched the 24 x 3 for a 26 x 1.95 for clearence issues and a drum front hub. front mounted tank and i ran some line through the frame tube. so far the carb works the way it is mounted. i am not a big chopper fan but this bike is too cool to pass up on adding to the collection.:cool2: once you sit on the bike you will see what i mean and then to ride it is a different feel, so if you have are thinking about one go ahead. i am happy with mine. thanks to HELLBILLY for some help with mine
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    Cool bike good job
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    ok... what is holding that sprocket in place in the back....
  5. super dave

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    i wonder the same thing when i saw HELLBILLY bike, it is a ghost sprocket used as a chain spreader too give some space for the motor, the chain has tension and just spins in place and will not come out. this weird but it stays in place

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    not sure i would trust
  7. super dave

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    yah no worries i have about 3 hrs on the bike now and a bit of rough street riding around town and all is good, i quess make sure tension is good
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    I like it!
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    nice bro.
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    I've put over 500 miles on both of my Switchblade choppers with the ghost sprocket and they have never came loose or off. Only way is if your axle slides forward in the dropouts or if you break a chain. If either of these occur that sprocket will only be one of your worries. Nice work, and have fun riding!!!
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    Nice bike dude
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    Need help on Nirve switchblade.

    Hi SuperDave, I have a nirve switchblade. I love this bike and want to motorized it. Can you help me out. I already own 2 motorized bikes for my daily commute.

    First pic is my Nirve switchblade
    and the other is my Schwinn OCC Chopper with 80CC engine
    and other one is just a regular lady bike with 80CC engine (Photo not in this computer)

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  13. super dave

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    hey BikerChick stay with the switchblade it is a great bike, rides real smooth and looks too cool..

    sorry i have been a way for awhile...
  14. BikerChick

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    Hey Dave , do you still have the switchblade? I'm Toronto today. Would love to check out your bike? Where about are you in Toronto?

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    Just way too freaking cool. I want one.
    Big Red.
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    Hey BikerChick,
    The OCC bikes are cool but the Nirve is over the top. Shoot us some pic's when you're done with it.
    Big Red.

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    Hi Big Red,
    Sorry I haven't done much this summer on this Nirve SwitchBlade, how ever since that photo. I had installed 7 speed derailed on the bike ,so as front and rear drum brakes( Sturmey Archer ) and the jackshaft front sprocket with freewheel.
    I just can't wait to get this baby finished. It would have been a coolest bike on jackshaft with shifting transmission.:cool2:
  18. BikerChick

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    Hey Big Red,
    Your schwinn choppers pretty cool with Ape Hangers. Sadly my schwinn chopper needs a new exhaust make up.
  19. Big Red

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    Thanks B.C. You can also use the OCC chopper parts for other cool builds. Notice the handlebars, rear wheels and tires and the front wheel and seat. I tried to use the extended OCC forks but the center of gravity was WAY too high.
    Big Red.

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