Cell Phone ... da?

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    Well, I guess there's only me and one or two other guys left in the country without cell phones ... and I'm cavin' in. I don't know for sure if it's out of neccessity or common sense but I have to admit I see the need for a cell phone in my life now. (Maybe it has something to do with my recent experience of standing beside the road staring at my broke down pick up truck?)

    Anyway, in the next day or two I'm gonna take the plunge ... but I don't have even a small clue as to what to buy ... wouldn't even know how to answer one if it was ringing. So, once again I need rescueing. All help and advice appreciated.

    Clueless in Michigan :dunce:

  2. MotoMagz

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    Hi Mike, Verizon is about the best for service on the east side of the state.Sounds like you just basically want it for emergency.You just need a basic phone...no picture messeging,no text messeging and no internet.Maybe you want free long distance if you have family outside of your area code.Don't give your number out or people will be calling you and you will be getting charged....minutes on cell phones go FAST!!!!Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Motomagz. That's right. I only want to carry a cell phone for emergency and to check on my family when I'm away from home ... just a quick call now and then to make sure everything is OK.

    I don't understand what it means to sign up with a company like Verizon.? A friend said I should just to Wallyworld and get the cheapest phone. He said he bought one for $40 that came with 200 minutes. I assume that if I buy a phone like that then all I have to do is follow the start up directions and then I can call and receive calls for 200 minutes? (I'm keeping my existing land line phone service for all other calls.)

    Does this sound right?
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    Most all of the WallyWorld prepaid cell phones are pretty basic. Different plans have different features. I use a Net 10 phone I got there, and the only real annoyance with it is that I have to buy minutes periodically to keep the phone active - I buy 300 minutes every 60 days. The minutes just pile up - I have over 30 hours of available talk time built up now. It was up to nearly 50 hours, but my daughter called everybody and his dog while she was here - she lives with a phone stuck in her ear 24/7, practically.

    I noticed yesterday that Wallyworld here has a Verizon prepaid service plan where you buy the phone, and only pay a service charge on those days you actually use the phone - which of course means if you answer the blasted thing. Unless I am expecting a call I don't answer mine - I just check the "missed calls" on the menu, and if I feel like it I return the call.

    The advice to not give the number out is very good - follow it.
  5. professor

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    I got a Tracfone for Christmas - a hundred dollars and a few hundred minutes, so less than $10 a month is affordable for me. Same deal for me as Simon -use it very little.
    I like having the thing.
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    Thanks Simon & Professor ... that's helpful.
  7. mikem

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    I'm Cellular!!!

    Just got back from Wallyworld with a Trackfone LG420G ... even has a camera. Cost was $19.95 and I bought a 60 minute card for $20. I'm told their website has promotions going for free minutes if you do this or that before activating. Will dive into the start up directions pretty soon.

    Look out world ... Mikey's goin' cellular!

    (Thanks to all for their input.)
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    Mike, funny that you started this thread today. Just got back from getting a pay as you go phone since my niece was in Germany going to school and I was using her phone. Now she is home. Haven't had one for 3 years and was very happy but need it incase I break down.

    I remember the phone prices when I lived in the US. Not here in Canada. This is what I paid for basic service.

    The phone was $100 Cheapest they had.
    One year of local service was $100 for 400 minutes.
    Programing fee is $35. Guy called up and started the service.
    Got $10 back towards the phone service, applied to air time.
    Long distance is 75 cents a minute. 25 cents a minute locally
    Add the tax and it was $263.19

    Remember it doesn't always pay to be Canadian but it always costs.

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  9. Esteban

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    I have a cell but rarely use it. I just keep it for emergencies, etc., & just a few people know my number.
    I remember years ago, when my family had 3 cell phones, all cloned to the same number with 30minutes per MONTH !
  10. mikem

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    Good to know some things actually go down in price. I figure this Tracfone will cost me about $7 a month ... or about 25-cents a day. I can live with that. Mike