cell phone lights?.....YES!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by dag_29307, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. dag_29307

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    Well I just registered here in this forum. Here is something I posted in my other forum.

    I took an old LG cell phone and I used that as a power source for my lights. I connected a wire to the brass fingers that touch the battery (cut the backing so the wires could stick out) ran that to the RCA plug so I can disconnect it at night to charge the phone, I then ran wire to the + & - terminals on my Schwinn lights both front and back. Switches work like normal and the lights are plenty bright enough. The battery is about 5 years old so it doesn't stay lit for more than two hours but I am working on a homemade LED headlight I found on the web. Soon I'll get the cast off then I can put them to use on the bike.

    I have posted some pics. If you have any questions let me know.
    Sorry about the crappy pics they came from my other LG cell.

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  2. (Ian)

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    So you modified the cell phone battery and just put it back in the cell phone to charge it? Would the phone still work?
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    yes phone works perfectly (not activated just one I bought years ago) I modded the phone so I can just charge the battery like normal. I was looking for an alternative to the SLA batteries. I put in a new Lithium Ion battery charged it to full and it lit rear led and front ( flashlight type bulb ) for over four hours. The phone does not have to be turned on or even work. As long as you can charge the battery through the phone. It will work.

    As I said before I am working on a LED type head lamp that will run off the same system I think that should last much longer.

    I'll post when I have that finished.
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    This should help your cause!

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  5. dag_29307

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    Hey machiasmort Thanks for that PDF it has given me some great Ideas and I will get to work as soon as I get some cash. I think I am going to make a set of LED headlights that will mount on the forks. I have so many ideas flying around in my head. I was so confused as to how to build the LED light :ack2:, but now I have all kinds of ideas :grin5:

    Thanks again.
  6. dag_29307

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    for those confused

    Here is a really cheesy diagram of the wiring components. Sorry I'm not very technical and I only have MS paint.

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  7. machiasmort

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    It all starts with an idea! I actually hooked up my white wire to a few leds and have tail and headlights while the motor is running... search LED and white wire to find my posts. I'm out of time and have to go!!!!
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    You really shouldnt hook up lights to the white wire, you could well be robbing your engine of performance or worse, damaging the electrics.

    The white wire is built ONLY for use with a kill switch. Why someone would run a circuit on something designed to kill the engine, I don't know. (Not saying it doesnt work or that other people don't do it).

    Besides, super bright, super long life LED bike lights are about $20 for a front and back set. I bought a set and an extra front light, and its SO BRIGHT! Batteries are two double A's each, and last like, 15 hours of use. I just use NiMH rechargables (cost me about $15)..

    So at a cost of about $50, I have brilliant, rechargable lights. If I just used one light itd be more like $35-40, and itd still be perfectly usable.