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    Dear Fellow Members-Just bought mine at and it's worth every bit of $25.00! Bolted right onto my Huffy Cranebrook Beachcruiser and makes parking and working on the bike a breeze. HIGHLY recommended:)-Gearhead

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    Looks great - Just went to order one - the only delivery option to Australia is 'UPS Inernational Express Saver {air}' ??? - price for delivery: $95.68US, Total $120.68US

    Something wrong here. I got a 40T sprocket from Canada, 'ZoomBicycles', 3 months ago via UPS for $40AU delivery and a tank from 'That'sDax' delivered via UPS for $43US last month. Two stud kits, two air filters and a few gaskets from 'Sick Bike Parts' last week, total 2.2lbs, (1kg), again UPS, cost only $17US for delivery.

    Already, I expected to pay about $70AU delivered, but won't come at $120US, (about $135AU).

    I got as far as 'Checkout'. Checkout options tell me that the 'UPS International Express Saver {air}' is the only delivery method available for my area. A PITA. (I love living in Oz, but buying from overseas can be expensive.)

    I'll email them and see what's going on.
    Don't have to type much, I can copy and paste from here.

    ... Steve

    A pic of the stand. I'd replace the M.S.? pivot with a high-tensile steel bolt and make a stronger clamp bracket, but overall it looks reasonably strong. (We'll see when I try pedal-starting on the stand, if I can get it at a reasonable price..)


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    That's more like it. I did a quick eBay search a few weeks ago and couldn't find anything decent, mostly side-stands and clip-on 'Minoura' and 'Topeak' workshop types. haven't got back to me yet re postage for theirs.

    For the eBay stand, postage is $42US, making a total of $57US. (~$67AU) Beats $135-140AU.

    Just doing a last eBay Australia search before ordering...


    The link:-
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    There are certainly options out there. Search for "double kickstand" on ebay, for instance.
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    They are nice for holding up the bike, but don;t try starting the bike on it, it will bend. I had one on mt Royce Union MB ( Now M.I.A. stole in Vegas) the mount bolt sheared and it was instant flat tire. Good thing I was only three blocks from home. Other than that I loved how it worked!
  8. AussieSteve

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    Thanks for the tip about the mount bolt. I was already planning to replace the pivot because it looks tinny. Now I'll use a high-tensile 8mm bolt for the mount as well.
    Regarding starting the bike on the stand, I'll try it once and see how sturdy the stand is. I only weigh 50kg, (110lbs). If it looks like it'll bend, I won't do it a second time.

    N.B. Still no reply from I guess they're sticking with the $95.68US for delivery. Fine by me - they lost a potential customer.

    ... Steve
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    I weigh 140 lbs, it bent on me.
  10. AussieSteve

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    Maybe I won't be pedal-starting on it then, or at least not without strengthening it. Most guys are heavier. I was hoping to get away with my light weight. Also interested to see if I could start the bike without bump-starting using momentum, I wanted to get an idea of how I'd go at starting my engine if I fit a shift-kit. (Very high compression)

    Even if I can't pedal-start on the stand, it will still be invaluable for working on the bike. Currently, I put the side-stand down, then jam a broom handle under the seat, braced against a table leg, to hold the rear wheel off the ground.

    ... Steve
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    I just watched a youtube video last night that showed a guy starting his engine by lifting the rear tire and spinning it. I think the video was titled something like "starting motoredbike before leaving work" or something like that.
  12. AussieSteve

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    My centre-stand arrived this afternoon, just as I was mixing fuel, so I quickly bolted it on and tried kick-starting. Took a few kicks to perfect a technique.

    Now, 1 kick if warm, 2 kicks cold - one on full choke then one with no choke. About 1/4-1/2 throttle.
    (I should add that I can't turn the pedals one full turn, it's a matter of getting the RHS pedal at 45º forward, then one good kick, like a real bike. The moment it fires I whip the clutch in - Bob's your uncle.)
    Mine is an 18-speed MB. At first I tried low range second gear and it was hard to kick over, so I dropped to low range first gear - beautiful, even with the billet head. It's great; kick-start in the garage, warm it a bit, then one turn of the pedals as I let the clutch out.
    Had 5 rides now - no worries.
    If I can kick-start it now, I might have a chance with a shift-kit, as long as I keep a nice small chainwheel for low kick-start gearing.

    No bending Dan - this is a pretty sturdy alloy stand. The bracket is cast alloy and the 'n' shaped legs are about 1/2" thick-walled alloy tube.
    The mount bolt is 9mm, needs replacing with hi-tensile and the pivot is a cheap M.S. rivet, 5-6mm - another hi-tensile bolt.
    You're 140lb and I'm 110lb, so you might have tried a different stand.

    I'm still grinning - this is fun.
    ... Steve
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    atombikes, I tried starting mine by spinning the wheel over by hand on the centre-stand today - no chance. Too much compression. I can't even turn it through one compression stroke.
    I figure that if this stand bends or breaks, I'll buy another and get it reinforced as much as necessary. Being alloy, it's more likely to break than bend, I think.
    After 2 days of kick-starting, I'm never going back.

    ... Steve
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    My stand was steel, I would rather have to bend it back into shape than have it break!
  15. danlandberg

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    I got the steel one because it was cheap:whistling: (I had limited spending power, now I have no spending power):icon_cry: And I had the same thought:idea:that I could start it on the stand, your right I should have got a better stand and tried that. I will Next time!
  16. AussieSteve

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    All the same, Dan, let's see how long mine lasts. There's no chance of the legs bending, but the alloy bracket is a bit thin in one spot.
    So far no problems, though.
    I've started it that way about 12-15 times now.
    Just went out and did it again to show it to a friend who's thinking of building an MB.
    I saw a strong-looking steel one at EziRide Cycles but it was $60.
    (I opted for the cheaper one, too.)

    ... Steve
  17. Stink Bike

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    Actually our centre stands are $49.95 NOT $60.
  18. AussieSteve

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    Sorry Mike, I would have allowed $10 for postage in the calculation.
    ie $60 delivered.

    ... Steve
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    ok where u get ur stand from ?
    i see i can 1 from eziride or gasman
    still savin for a cell mtx1 :ack2:
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  20. AussieSteve

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    Hi Brad, mine was from eBay, here:- Centre mount double leg kick stand.
    $42 delivered.

    ... Steve