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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Cheapascrap, Dec 9, 2012.

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    So it seems like all of the kits that members say are good quality (american made) are supposed to be mounted on the back of the bike. I want a very reliable setup, good enough for cross country rides, but I also want a center mount. Is this too hard to do using good parts? Some of this stuff just seems so intimidating.

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    EZM Q-matic and AGK systems are designed for center mounts for engines of 49cc and higher. Both systems are made in the USA with an imported engine.

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    Estoy de acuerdo. I think the frame mounted HS four stroke with a good gear box will be very reliable and less maintenance intensive than a two stroke mounted in the frame.
    I have a two stroke mounted in the frame in my bike. I have done 50 mile round trip commutes but it requires regular maintenance.
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    You stated you want to ride cross country. Why is a center mounted important? I referred this setup to another member on the forum as a possible cross country setup. It uses a kids trail-behind bicycle and a Staton gearbox that is chain driven. This would allow you to maintain your front and rear panniers. I've never used this setup, but to me, it would be ideal. If I wasn't in the middle of a touring build myself, I probably would have gone this route. I already have too much invested to change course.


    You could probably get rid of the crankset to save some weight. A KLICKfix Vario Rack by Rixen & Kaul attached to a seat post would give you extra carrying capacity. Or use the seat post to hold a fuel tank.

    Live fast motors has a Huasheng 37cc 4 stroke engine for $165.00 I wouldn't buy anything else from them, especially the 40cc engine. The Huasheng 49cc or ThatsDax Titan is another good choice.

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