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Jun 17, 2008
Does anyone know of a way to make the center stand more stable? My Whizzer is my daily commute to work and with the Nebraska wind and people walking by, I'm afraid of it tipping over (horrors:mad:). Might it be possible to add width to the stand, have an additional "foot" or something? Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.



Howdy, John,

I can't think of a "simple" way to widen the stand. But if it were me, I'd see it as a welding opportunity... But then I have welding equipment...

If you, a friend, or neighbor doesn't have welding toys. You can most likely find someone around who will do it for you.

But that's me... When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail....



I'm not a big fan of the center stand at all. Old Whizzers used a rear wheel stand. Mine is not a Whizzer (probably weighs as much), but I use a rear wheel stand and it is very stable.


Jun 26, 2008
Be careful if you widen the stand that it won't hit your feet when pedalling. Also, make sure the bolts on the stand are tight. One of the bolts on mine fell out before and it lost considerable stability!

The factory stand on mine is pretty stable but I wish the front wheel would stay on the ground when the rack is loaded. A rear wheel stand would be nice.

Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
Hi John,
It is possible to have a very solid stand, and unlike HoughMade, I haven't shared his success with the "vintage" type of stand. All but one of my vintage Whizzers [8] employ the earlier Whizzer rear wheel stand, and sadly everyone of them have fallen over at least once when parked. If the bolts are tight, the correct washers & spacers are used the "center" stand will hold the bike far better. An easy way to upgrade the stand so that it holds the rear wheel off the ground is to weld 2 strips of metal across the front of the stand where the stand normally resides when in the down position. The object is to weld the pieces of metal so that they don't allow the stand to extend as far when in use. It would be like placing something in the stand not allowing it to open completely, therefore raising the bike slightly higher and causing the weight to shift forward [lifting the rear wheel off the ground]. Hope this information helps.........

Have fun,
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this topic is a bit dated, but i would like to add: my stand was a bit used when i got it and it seemed really loose, but all bolts tight. took it apart and discovered that they use hardened bushings on the bolts that the stand pivots on, one was missing. off the the hardware store and got a hard bushing, cut it in half and pressed it in. super stable now!