Center V kickstand


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May 26, 2008
Anyone here bought a center stand from niagara? If so how does it work? Mines a rack mount and will it support the weight thats on one side, like a 12lb honda motor? Leaned my bike up against a wall and walked away and bam it slipped and fell over rrrrrrrrrg!
the niagara center stands work well for supporting the weight of the bike, I don't reccomend using the center stand to pedal start the bike like you would on a whizzer. they are not strong enough for that, one of mine bent. they also have a habit of catching your heels every once in a while if you are not careful and have big feet, and can drag when making tight turns at low speed if you have a low bottom bracket. they hold the bike great though, good value for what you get. I have one on a cycle truck, and it stands up fine as long as I have the weight distributed evenly in the basket.
Flying in your opinion will it hold up the bike with a 12 lb honda motor on the left side on a rack mount system? The motor isnt centered its all the way mounted to the left.
it should hold it fine. if it tips you could bend the stand slightly to adjust for weight. The aluminum will bend if you put a wrench on it. no problem with the 12 pounds, mine only bent with my 180 lbs trying to pedal start a whizzer engine.
I have 2 on different bikes and they are really incredible. But others have mentioned some problems in another thread. As long as you tighten the bolt down it works great.
yeap thats a must have for rackmounts, our bikes are top heavy but the stand holds my gebe setup just fine.
OK I ordered it from niagara, thanks guys I needed to make sure because Im good at getting stuff that doesnt work sometimes. Thanks for the replies.
got one -- does seem to stick out on the sides a little -- at first I was concerned about hitting my heels on it -- has happened -- not often -- just one little touch yesterday and then a while back.. have some thoughts in regards to hitting curbs at upper speeds with side of center kickstand - been staying away from crubs because of this -- we have some roads here with no bicycle lanes - must hug the crub --- have a side rack mount engine -- riding a mountain bike -- changed the two little plastic nobs on the two ends -- to larger ones --- overall rating C- -- I would buy again -- but those rear mount side stands look very interesting... Happy Riding from - Mountainman