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    I am way over the $3.99 diesel and similar gas prices. It is time to build a motorized bike. I have a full machine/welding shop in my garage including full size milling machine with DRO, two lathes, MIG, spot, Arc, torch welding equipment and a foundry for casting AL. and all kinds of other stuff. I have made everything from wooden and fiberglass boats to entire machines built entirely from my own castings, guns, knives, trailers, anything welded, etc..

    I am not a business and make stuff I need or want as well as for stress reduction and entertainment. I can assist with that custom part that you can't buy.

    I have a good local source for scrap aluminum bar/angle and structural stuff.


  2. Will you adopt me? WELCOME ABOARD!
    Sounds like you can make a frame custom fit for you. Look at the reader's rides section and check out all the possibilities.
    Man I wish I had the stuff you have. I have in my mind an old school Schwinn 20 inch low rider with Bannana seat and ape hangers STRETCHED to more than accomidate my body,with a booming system playing "Jungle Boogie" as I roar down the strip mall.
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    Hi Thinwater. Welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas. Ya, please adopt me too! Filipino and I could be the sons that loose your tools.
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Welcome, you will like it here
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    I have been searching the site for a pusher style trailer. The motor could be mounted on a little trailer that mounts with a bar to the seat post. The trailer would push the bike. I designed one a couple of years ago but never built it. A guy on Utube has one with one wheel, chain driven that appears to run very well. I have a 3 hp edger motor with almost no hours on it and pleanty of steel box left over from a trailer tailgate I made so I would only need to buy a clutch, the wheel, sprockets and related hardware to make it. The pusher trailer could be moved from bike to bike in minutes. Has anyone seen or used one like this?

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Thanks all, the third wheel link was what I had in mind. I also have a 8 Hp Honda from a gen set but I don't think I want to die this way. The 3hp should fly and still get 100 mpg+

    Next payday it is on!

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    so...it's ramen-noodles for a month? been there...i like yer style :)

    welcome to MBc :cool:
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    Welcome aboard, from another Floridian !
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    Thinwater, How close to Seminole do you live? I am building my 2nd bike.
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    Welcome Thinwater. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I think that the pusher tech is going to get big and quickly.
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    Welcome to Mbc. Glad you are here.
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    I am on the Lake County side of DeLand. I can go around to 46 and be in Seminole county in about 30 min.

    I laid out my frame today with no welds yet, to see what it looks like. I put a 20" BMX wheel on it and it looks very good but I think the gearing would be way to high so I will probably go with a go cart wheel/axle and matching chain/clutch on the motor. Gear boxes cost to much to buy or build.

    I have a take home car from work for work use only but every time I have to go into town for my own needs (like food) it is a 25 mile round trip. The 7.3 turbo diesel (F350) gets about 9 mpg when cold and in town so a trip to town for anything costs about $15 in diesel, oil and tires.

    My Motorized bike will cost about $1.50 or less per trip depending on how long the tire lasts.

    I have a 6.5 hp Lister Diesel engine I will make a small motorcycle out of one day. It should get over 60 mpg.

    So many projects so little time...
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    So many projects so little time...

    Heh. Word on that.
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    Lets see the video

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    welcome to MBc good luck on your endeavors Jim and happy motoring...
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    V twin

    How about casting a base to make a v twin out of two Ht engines? That would be awesome. Can you do that?