Central Florida Fun Run!

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  1. Anyone interested in a ride through Central Florida? We just went on a ride from Lakeland (Highland City area) to Homeland, FL. It was a great ride, plenty of open roads with little traffic and some in-town riding through tree-lined streets. When we got to Homeland, it was like going back in time to how Florida used to be, before the mouse moved in. It was a great ride, about 30 miles round trip. We're thinking of doing it again and wondered if anyone else might be interested. We don't have a date yet on the next run yet, we wanted to see who might be interested. We have a meeting spot that's easy to get to from the Polk Parkway and large enough for parking of anything, trailers included. We're close enough to Orlando and Tampa so you could come over for a great day of riding. Let's hear from fellow Floridian Motor Bikers!

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    Hi there from Naples, Florida. About how many guys do you rally-up for a ride like that...it sounds interesting. Are y'all bikes, or do you have some motorated trikes participate?
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    I live in N. Central Florida, in a very rural aea. People come to visit me & cannot believe Fl. looks like this. I aways tell them, " THIS is Florida !" Orlando is " Concrete Florida !"
  4. We're going to see how many we can drum up for a ride. I'm sure that trikes would be fine on this trip. We don't try and squeeze through too many tight spots! :grin5:

    We'd like to get about 10-15 riders. We ride to Bartow first and take a little sit down time at the park there. If we do an official ride, we can have drinks provided there. Then we continue down to Homeland, which is a pretty cool area. On our way back through Bartow, we stop and get something to eat right on main street. This is a great time to stop and answer all the questions about our bikes, which we invariably will get. There are a couple of sections on nice flat, limited traffic roads for a couple of miles and a couple of nice tree-lined stretches in Bartow, right down the street where they filmed the movie "My Girl" with Dan Aykroyd (SP.)

    It's a pretty cool ride. We're planning on doing it again, it's just a matter of if there's interest by others and scheduling.
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    I will do the run in the future, putting a bike together this week, im located in Kissimmee
  6. Sounds good TRock. We'll be looking into putting something together. Anyone else?