Central Minnesota Chapter...?

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  1. jared3377

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    Just wondering if there is (or if we can form) a Central-MN Chapter...? I live in the St. Cloud area and am wondering if there are any other riders out there...

    I'm new to the MBc and to riding, but I'd like to start a chap...anyone interested?

  2. jared3377

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    As an addition, I know I've seen one MB here in Cloud, and I bought the bike from a really cool guy in Princeton--so I know there's a couple of us crazies around Mid-MN!
  3. rjr003

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    Elk River Area MB member

    I live in the ER (really Otsego) area. I'm in the process of building a bike, purchased a motor kit from Powerking. Set to arrive this week.

    What are you currently riding? Have the Police given you any problems. Still wondering about the MN Laws that pertain. From what I gather under 50cc and need lights and horn.? You have any thoughts on that. Also, would need to register it as a moped?

    Trying to figure out legality of these MBs!!


    Bob R
  4. jared3377

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    Hey Bob,

    Welcome to MBc and the world of Motored Bikes! Keep in touch--I'd like to know how your build is going... Also, I should mention that it's proper protocol to post in the "Introduce Yourself" forum-section first. After that you're free to post wherever. I'm sure you'll find all the help you need here on this site, as there are many cool MB riders here in the US as well as overseas who love the same hobby we do.

    As for my MB, I ride a 2-stroke HT (Happy Time) motor on a Schwinn Jaguar (cruiser style). I've only had it since mid-March, but I've put close to 1,000 miles on it. I have a blinking backlight and a headlight attached for night-riding; however, most of my riding is done during the day. Thus far, I have not had any problems with Johnny Law in the St. Cloud area, and I've ridden by/had them ride by me quite a few times. I also do not have a horn or any turn-signals or anything like that, but I'm sure we need to check up on the correct legalities of that...

    Here's what I found by searching around a little on MB laws in MN. This comes from a "As a Trooper" website: http://hometownsource.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5023&Itemid=77
    So, I guess what this tells us is that we need to obtain the literature and that it's not on the Internet...

    Anyways, let me know what kind of kit you bought! Is it a frame-mount or a friction-drive that mounts over the back wheel...? What kind of bike are you installing it on?

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  5. rman1064

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    New St Cloud Area MB Rider!

    I just finished my MB, which is a 49cc HT mounted on a Schwinn Ranger 26" frame. I have put custom lighting with turn signals, brake lights, markers, and everything else needed here in MN in order for it to be legal. The only thing that I not done yet is register my bike as a moped... I will be using my MB to go between my Apt and school when it starts in the fall. I can't believe the gas prices, so this is why I have created this MB!

    I would like to know more if the police have been giving you any trouble recently here in St. Cloud... As long as I follows the rules and signal and stuff, I do not see how there would be a problem!

    Look forward to reading your reply and maybe I will see you around town! (I do not go up to Sauk Rapids at all very much, though...)
  6. jared3377

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    Cool, man! Glad you got your build completed...

    As far as I know, in MN you DO NOT have to register your MB as a moped. As long as you have a valid driver's license you are fine. In fact, I've passed three police cruisers in the past three days, and all they've done is wave at me and smile!

    PM me if you have any questions, and I'll probably see you on the road (I work on campus during the school year). Happy trails!!! :cool:
  7. chrispederson

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    Here's a good page at the DMV:


    I believe the rule is, under 50cc motors don't require a motorcycle license. Yout have to have a driver's license, or a moped license. You don't need turn signals (but neither does a car, if you're willing to use hand signals!) or have it registered. Like bike licenses, it helps if it gets stolen and then recovered.

    Over 18 you don't have to wear a helmet (god bless MN helmet laws!). You do have to wear sunglasses. That means a pair of safety goggles too, if you're into night riding, or eyeglasses. I've been pulled over for not wearing sunglasses. No kidding. She was cute and didn't give me a ticket. I think she just had a crush on me and wanted to yell at me for a minute.

    Um anyways. Headlights and taillights if you're at night, too.
  8. chrispederson

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    Whenever I think of central Minnesota, I think of 1 1/2 hours to the next city. I've always thought of these MBs as not good for the long trips. How well does that work, tooling across the state?
  9. Buzzter

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    Hey all. From Monticello, MN. Like the idea of starting a Central MN chapter. Haven't had any cops trouble yet with my MB build. Don't have a brakelight or headlight yet. Any recommendations?
  10. toyotanos

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    Hiya, I'm in Anoka. I'm looking to start a GEBE build, once I finish saving cash up. I think having a MN chapter would be great!
  11. Dadkins1

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    Hey There - one more from Minnesota - riding a Japanese Mtn Bike with a friction drive - all home brew - this is my fist bike after building the snowblower powered scooter.
    We should get together and Rally ! BTW I'm in Eden Prairie.
  12. Dadkins1

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    Hi everyone ^ above Dave from Eden Prairie here -I would definetly join a group ride and think a Minnestoa chapter is a great idea. I havn't had any trouble w/ cops yet - but try to avoid them / trouble when possible. I'm only running 26 cc's 26 mph - so if I stay off the sidewalks I should be good.
  13. jared3377

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    Welcome, Dave!

    Hey Dave,

    Good to see another MN rider out there! I haven't been on the site for a few weeks, and I just saw your post today and thought I'd say hello.

    I actually hadn't been riding for a while because I've had some problems with mine, including a broken rim and poor starting. BUT, after a wheel rebuild and a new spark plug, she's running great--even put 17 miles on today.

    Well, as I said, good to see another MN-MBer out there. It's too bad it's getting cold now, but I guess we've still got a couple of weeks or so till the snow flies...

    Happy Trails,