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  1. ok had a look at a few stands, brought one that said for 23 inch wheels and above. didnt fit. cant find anything alse.

    has anyone made there own and fitted it. or where can i get a decent one that will fit.

    the side stand i did have has broken.

    sorry im running on an appolo slammer mountain bike. was thinking that i could get the centre stand that doesnt fit and extend it with a bit of cutting and welding. but if theres any out there then it would be easier.

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    I am using the Bipod from Pletscher and it folds to the side of the bike, so it won't interfere with any tire width. Here is a picture and video of it in action.



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    I'm using the same stand, and I highly recommend it. With 26" wheels on a cruiser frame my back wheel is about 3" off the ground when the stand is extended.

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    I bought one

    From amazon.com That works quite well.....
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    Where do I get one?

    Rx Bruce
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    I got a nice aluminum stand from a bike store and asked if it would fit mine, of course its like 2 inches too short

    had no idea there were different heights