Centrifugal centrifical clutch and clutch lever?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Bible Man 20, Jul 10, 2009.

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    what is the point of a clutch lever if u have a centrifical clutch because when the engine idles it doesnt spin so is there and problem with pedaling while the engine idles?and an off topic question...i have a lot of bikes with sprokets on them but i dont know how to mount the sproket onto the rear wheel on the left side.also i know nothing about gear ratios...

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    Its just the way the engine was designed. The clutch lever was an afterthought and designed after the engine was. For starting, having the manual lever engaged to disengage the clutch is a safety feature since the engine needs to rev a little higher for cold start of first day.

    follow kit instructions regarding sprocket installation. Thatsdax.com has picture instructions that should help. You can also buy a clamshell adaptor from several vendors so you don't risk broken spokes.
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    i have a 36t sproket but it is just off the front of a bicycle where the pedals are, is there any way to incorporate it without having to pay $30 for a kit setup?and btw im not using a kit im using an old poulan 2300 chainsaw(cc's unknown...).
  4. even if you have a centrifugel clutch,when you pull start the engine the bike will take off on you sometime,thats why you disengage the clutch with the manual clutch lever before strarting.