Centrifical Clutch Friction drive


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2:58 AM
Jul 9, 2008
Mittagong, NSW, Australia
I Have 2 engines to put on a bike, both are 2 stroke

The first engine is a stihl 27.2cc motor only a few yrs old that has a complete centrifical clutch. However it does need a new fuel tank as the plastic is shattered and the carby pumps air back through to the fuel to pressurize it slightly so is can pump the fuel in.

The second is a Ryobi 25cc motor that is about 12yrs old still works good cuz i rebuilt it. and that has a clutch that can be pulled apart and i already have but i cant put on a shaft for the friction drive as the shaft of the motor connects to the first peice of the clutch and that cant be taken off-i'll post up pics of it soon.

The bike am going to mount it on is a bmx type also about 12-15yrs old. Also the stihl is very easy to mount- build a frame and bolt it to it, the ryobi is slighly difficult.