Centrifugal clutch cylinder SPUN OFF tire roller - WARNING


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6:38 AM
Apr 9, 2008
Richmond, NH
I have a rear tire mounted 48 cc, tire roller device - "honda designed" engine, I purchased from livefastmotors. Pretty dependable, I like it.

Had one scary thing happen though. The clutch "plate" cylinder is threaded onto the tire roller, threads on clockwise. This is fine, if the motor is "pushing" e.g. accellerating - the engine is constantly tightening the clutch plate.

But apparently, at least on my unit, there is some drag from the clutch on the plate, even at idle. I found this out going down a big hill. The motor drag on the clutch plate caused the wheel to unthread it off the tire roller, until the plate came up tight against the motor and froze the tire roller ! Needless to say, I came to a screeching halt.

Seems to me, there ought to be a pin going through the clutch plate + threaded part of tire roller to keep this from happening. My solution, which will certainly limit my use of this device down the road, was to paint 5 minute epoxy on the tire roller threads, before threading the clutch plate back on.

It ain't coming off again !

Just FYI in case anyone has experienced it - a better solution might help someone else...

I would say to measure everything on those kits and make sure everything is straight and square and that all the holes are in the right place, and have access to a machine shop if things are not.

Friction drive needs to be straight and square for things to work best.

Or save yourself the trouble and get one from

http://www.bikemotorparts.com/ or Staton for sure.

Thanks for the heads up.
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