Centrifugal clutch info - (Dax Titan 49cc 4 stroke)



another broken spring, which led to mystery solved. this is a test tech-vid...good enuff for a 1st try. i bet i could make a whole Titan Vid-Manual if i wanted: Chinese Centrifugal Clutch Prep (.wmv)

lube the pins, problem solved. might as well scruff the shoes clean and wipe everything else down too, while yer at it.
Handy to know..."lube the pins"...what,with a light layer of grease or any lubricant(in moderation)?
lightest layer...just a sheen...of just about anything...white lith would be my recommendation if it's handy.
well, thanks kerf, but it's not about the springs...

after i got the shoes pivoting freely, i didn't see any reason to NOT experiment with whatever springs i could find locally...have i mentioned that "jack's" has a kick-butt hardware dept?

anyhoo...complete rebuild/cleaning of clutch assy w/replacement springs, dry and repack the PTO with high-temp bearing grease, & change the crankcase oil...

no lie...now i know how the clutch is supposed to perform, and it is very smooth.

to repeat: it's not springs, it's improper shoe motion (or lack of) that's damaging the springs.
PTO tip: i got tired of wiping oil off everything (note in the review that it keeps spitting oil til it finds it's own level) so i tore it down and had a looksee. "it's own level" amounted to a light coating and very little oil left in the bottom.

here's what i did: i wiped it totally clean, then manually packed high-temp (stay-lube) bearing grease into every bearing. not just a bit, but a full-packing. then i coated both gears the same way. after putting the shaft/large gear back, i "packed" the bottom 1/3 of the case with more grease. reassemble...smooth & quiet!!!

also, see this, make certain the clutch-shoes are free-moving: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=8865

keep us posted :cool:
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Yeah centrifugal clutch is definetely the way to go, more durable, I have worked with a few of them, pretty simple idea really and makes coming to a stop at junctions and traffic lights simple. Thinking of putting one on my happy time, you can buy them for it.
Where can you get one? I think that is the only thing left that I could do to my bike to make it better (well.... electric start would be nice too. :). Please, oh please point me in the right direction.
Another little trick I found to save springs is to round off
the edges of the hole in the shoe where the spring clips
in using a dremel so that the sharp corner becomes molded
to the curve of the spring. This way the right angle corner
of the hole does not bite into the spring in the case of
Dax type 3 shoe clutches. It also reduces full engagement
rpm from 4800 to about 4500 rpm thus reducing wear from
frequent stop & go.
Oh yeah, White lithium grease for the pins, great idea!