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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by blankbox7, Mar 1, 2012.

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    My first friction drive kit was a cheap Ebay bought kit, the engine being perfectly fine but everything else was pretty much junk, so I recently bought a DAX friction drive kit. I am very pleased with the kit so far

    ...the problem is the old kits clutch bell was held on with a nut that rubbed the clutch spring, and the other day it broke off so I bought new clutch pads from Monster Scooter Parts. The old one was weak so it engaged at very low speeds, too low actually. The new one however only engages near WOT which isn't any better (idk if it has to be broken in or something.)

    I was just wondering as to what I could do to fix this, is there a way to weaken the spring myself? Is there anywhere where I could buy a less stiff spring? Any suggestions would be very helpful, thanks!

  2. darwin

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    I would buy a new clutch from dax and throw that one away......its junk save your self some pain.
  3. darwin

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    Dax does sell different strength springs, the clutch arms need to be able to move freely when the springs aren't attached {not too loose}.
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    I could only find springs for the 3 shoe clutch on the site, and yes they move freely without the spring
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    Where on the website can I find the clutch spring? I can't seem to find it
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    contact dewayne directly he probally dont have them listed as of yet