Centrifugal Clutch Question/problem

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    Hey i just bought a whipper snipper ryobi 31cc with centrifugal clutch, its all working really well now, i fully cleaned the muffler, whole engine, air filter, tuned the carby, new fuel lines, new primer bulb and new spark plug. It starts first pull with a lil gas as i have the idle set real low now that brings me to my question. Ive never had a centrifugal clutch before so i dont no how there suppose to be like but when its idling the clutch sort of cuts in cuts out, i can grap the clutch drum and it will freewheel but im thinking because it old i may need to replace the spring in it as it may be real stretched out and its just engaging at the slightest bit of rpm. The setup my clutch has is one spring and to big semi circle metal pads like this http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e287/JD2710/clutchMedium.jpg When i put this one my bike it wont be a problem as the slightest bit of torque or load on the clutch will make it stop so it will work normally but would it be better to get a new spring or something or shouldnt i worry about it?


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    This is a clutch thread so it has been moved too frame mount drivetrain.

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    Yeh sorry about that i didnt see the big notice lol.
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    you can reuse a spring if it's not too bent out of shape. Did you get it working? I just installed my first automatic 66cc, sold before I could even break it in, will be installing more soon! Will post pictures.
    Anybody else use these kits? They seem a little faster than the standard 66cc, anyone else notice this?