Centrifugal Clutch Question.

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    So what Centrifugal clutch Kit will work on 70cc HT motors. I don't know what brand i have cause i bought it on EBAY from a vendor that i cant remember. I did try to install a kit once but had no luck when installing it . Just would not fit right. Well if anyone has any info please fill me in.

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    you probally got it from boy go fast as he is the only one on ebay that stocks it
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    the BGF centrifugal clutch worked fine on my Dax and BGF engines. Going on second year of use with no problems...very reliable.
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    It wont go in deep enough?

    You will need to manually bore out the bushing with a hand drill and keep trying until it fits in. Not too difficult.

    Beware, if you look closely the clutch uses epoxy glue to stick the cog to the clutchbell (its not one part), this glue failed in my clutch after several months resulting in complete failure of the clutch.

    You might want to braze/weld the two parts together for piece of mind if you can (I simply reglued mine with chemiweld - *touch wood* - any epoxy other than a high thermal one like chemiweld will fail).
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    Thanks a ton. i will do when i get home.
  6. To safely "bore out" the hole, you might want to try this method if you don't have to enlarge it much. Get a large cotter pin...(new unbent) and some fine grit emery cloth and some crocus cloth (extremely fine abrasive). slide a strip of the emery cloth into the slot of the cotter in then chuck it into your drill. Now you can fairly evenly open up the bore with out the danger of gouging a drill bit into the side of the hole. Finish the inside surface with the crocus cloth. (the crocus cloth step is optional as it is hard to find). Hope this helps.
  7. P.S. Next clutch you get, look for Oregon brand sold at most lawn mower shops and chainsaw stores...bullet proof and easy to get replacement clutch shoes.