Engine Trouble [CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH] wont idle/stuck

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    Recently purchased a centrifugal clutch and pull start kit and upon install it worked very nicely i was impressed. after a couple rides it started to not sound like it was idling too well, wanting to die and making a slightly grindy noise. Now it will not idle at all and it acts like the friction clutch, checked the clutch and it wont spin either way, its all grindy sounding and stuck. How do i fix this? bearings?

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    thank you greatly for this im sure this was the problem but upon removal of the clutch i realised the bell had been cracked, will do this on the next centrifugal clutch i order, once again thank you for the detailed response :)
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    Happy to be of help.
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    This video might be more helpful.

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    if you did not grease the bushing thing that you attatch to the crank that the clutch bell rides on it will start to seize into one peice making it a direct drive again, take it apart and grease it before you need to replace it