Centrigugal clutch glitch

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Eco Speeder, May 12, 2008.

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    Dear Friends,

    The govt. stimulated my personal economy a bit recently so I finally got the conversation kit for belt drive. Hallaluuya!

    I've run into an unexpected snafoo with that process though. I got the DE hardware off the motor with unexpected ease. And discovered a wicked long crack in the drive housing that was hidden by the motor.

    So I've got the motor off and am ready to install the 76mm clutch. Come to find out it needs (2x) bushing/spacers to bolt it on. They are 10mm OD by 8mm ID and I think 9mm long. I spent most of yesterday running up and down the Web in a vain effort to find them. The Milwaukee yellow pages does not have a catagory for "small engines" adding to the frustration. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Is this a GEBE? What is this?
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    Yes... Gebe 76mm conversion kit.
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    Will it Fit

    I am looking at this kit for centrifugal clutch and pull start http://www.gasbike.net/bike-motor-engine-centrifugal-clutch.html

    The question I have is that the cover for the clutch is round and my old clutch cover is in the shape of backwards "C." When I called the company they said that it was meant to fit a Grubee engine. I told him that I didn't have a Grubee engine and he said, "It will fit."

    Anyone else have a problem similar to this? I have one of Christopher Hill's 2 stroke engines.....Dan
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    Christopher Hill? Is this a pocket-bike engine (with the 78mm clutch) or is it a 'happy time' with the manual clutch, that's mounted in-frame?

    (the reason I ask is that this thread is in the rack-mount forum.)
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    Lou, Sorry about that. I just searched the FAQ's for clutch to see who might be having the same problem I was having and posted here. My Christopher Hill engine is a in frame fork mounted engine so I guess it might be the Happy Time engine. I lost the paperwork on the engine.

    Lou, isn't "Rack Mounted Drive Trains" the in frame mount like I have?


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    'Rack Mount' refers to a mount where the engine is over the rear wheel, (although I've seen one rack mount over the front wheel.) 'Rack' is cycling a term for a luggage carrier, and/or a frame used to support panniers.

    'Frame Mount' is the normal location for happy time engines - 'inside' the frame, within the triangle under the top tube, and inside the 'V' formed by the down tube and the seat tube .

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    Thanks for the picture Lou,

    "pictures are better than words." Learned something new today....Dan