Cerial Box Gaskets

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by WIZARDOFOZONE, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. I've run across several posts mentioning this. Is there something particularly better about the cardboard in ceriAl boxes ? Or is this just a term used to be certain the cardboard has a high finished sheen on one side like ceriel boxes have. And if its the sheen finish that's important, then which way does the sheen side go, toward the exhaust pipe or toward the engine ?

  2. Dockspa1

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    Hey Wiz, The cereal boxes have been used for years. I personally have used them many times. They are a very hard press rolled material and that means they don't fall apart.
    You can also take a ball pien hammer and very lightly tap on the cerial box over the part the needs it as it will leave a perfect impression for you to cut out.
    Get the quality cerial box, not the ones that tear easy.
  3. drimpact

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    Works just like gasket material. Except theres nothing to eat first in my roll of gasket paper.
  4. Well I'm just going to take everybodys word on it ... but darned if I see any difference in my box of "Potato Buds", " Minute Rice" or my wifes crazy and tasteless box of Soy Bars ! ...(But I'd rather trust a mechanical part from Mr.Kellog in Battlecreek Michigan than from the rice or soy guys,Nyuk !)
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    I won't use cereal box on the exhaust. Only hi-temp store bought material for me.
    Rice-a-roni box for every thing else!
  6. Heh ... that make your ride a "San Fransisco treat" I guess
  7. Jeez ... I live here and just mispelled San Francisco .... duhhh ..
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    I must be up tooo late. That had me laughing five minutes. You used to ride British bikes at one time by any chance? My tool kit always included a piece of cheerios box.
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    cereal box vs 6 pack beer box

    the shiny side goes outward of heat so untreated to the head and colour towards exhaust,just make sure you dont have any cardboard in the exhaust way it will cause problems flake.beer containers hold more heat the thicker the better,ive found,if you dont have any mating problems:roll:,the beer container will last for quite a while example 1.5 years everyday riding,took apart to clean exhaust and it was brittle but still functional,our canadian 6 pack containers are thicker cuz we fall down more and they wont break as easy hahahahaha:rolleyes: