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    Before I bought the Cranbrick and motor, there were two bicycles in the yard at any time- they belonged to my stepsons James and Andrew. Simple monospeeds with small wheels. Nothing fancy. Now both boys want their Bike Skills up to snuff for when they get their motoredbikes. James now has an 18 speed on 26" wheels while Andrew has a 12 speed on 24" wheels. Annie, SWMBO, has an origional Styre ladies' three speed with the Austrian hub from the late 60's... her goal is the same. I just acquired a stock gentleman's 27" wheel ten speed- in exchange for putting an iron fence up around a disabled fellow's porch. I paid $10 for Jame's 18 speed and $25 for Annie's three speed. The 12 speed was 'free to a good home' sort of thing. There is another ladie's frame with ten gears I am looking at, free for the hauling... 24" wheels...slowly but surely the wretched things are taking over the yard... and the worst is that I am constantly thinking about the next project, a BTR based on a Worksman.
    I said it before- there IS no twelve step program for this, is there?
    the Old Sgt.