Chain alignment ?!?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Matts22366, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Matts22366

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    So I'm having two issues , one is my engine sprocket is crooked on the shaft and the chain is grinding on the case. I can't get the damn sprocket off (I don't have the tool from the kit) but I have tried everything I feel, pullers ect... But if u got a trick let me know I'm ordering the tool and a new sprocket in case it's bad casting.
    So it seems the chain is at and angle from the engine to the rear, and I need a tip aligning the chain

  2. crassius

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    Did you try using a drift to knock the sprocket as straight as possible onto the shaft before trying to pull it?
  3. sbest

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    Good idea ordering the tool and a new sprocket. Mine came off real hard and I cannot imagine any other way to get it off without damaging it. A small amount of heat on the sprocket only (propane torch? be careful!) and some penetrating oil, even though the penetrating oil sometimes causes galling.

    As for aligning the chain, you have to get creative with adjusting the motor or space the sprocket in or out to match.

  4. Matts22366

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    Yeah so do u think it was bad manufacturing that made a slight wobble or is it on the shaft crooked? Do u think if I file the spots it's hitting the case I could ride it?should the tensioner be on the top chain or the bottom chain?
  5. crassius

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    tensioner on bottom - I would straighten the sprocket before riding
  6. Purple Haze

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    After you get the[​IMG] sprocket problem fixed, some clearancing is usually needed o
  7. Purple Haze

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    Sorry I couldn't get this right, I meant to say the cover usually needs clearancing.

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