Engine Trouble Chain been stuck on the engine

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  1. Daquino

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    Hello , I'm from Brazil and I'm not finding an answer to my problem here.
    My English is not very good so sorry if any trouble understanding what I mean , I'll give my best.

    With the bike at high speed heard a scratch from the chain, I came home in low speed and found a scratch on the left engine cover, see the video.

    I lined up the engine that was not centered and stretched the chain, going out again with the bike the scratching appeared again , but as can be seen in the next video, the chain brake when I push the bike back.
    Note: going back and forth a few times as the last video makes the scratch stop, but just pick up high speed again and the scratch happens again. What do you think can be?
    I tried opening the right side cover where is the gears of the clutch, but when removing the screws the cover seems to be stuck , how to remove safely?

  2. bakaneko

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    Getting screws open the first time is difficult but can be done with a large screwdriver and a wrench holding the handle of the screwdriver for additional torque. Push into the screws and use the wrench slowly and they should come out safely.
  3. crassius

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    look for an "impact driver" if screws are stuck - for that drive cover, just cut a little bit out right where it is rubbing because some motors don't have room for a good, heavy chain (also, you might want to use the tensioner to make the chain a bit tighter)
  4. Daquino

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    I think I expressed myself poorly , the screws aren't stuck , I can remove these , what i can't remove is the cover that seems to be " stuck " to what I think you call "gaskets", which is between the engine and the cover, like this attached.

    I'll cut out the area where is rubbing, but you don't believe that can be a problem in the gears on the right ? Little lubrication perhaps?


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  5. skyash

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    Get a flat head and gently go around the case till it pops off you might kill the gasket but you don't need it
  6. skyash

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    In the first video the rub on the case just let it go till it stops rubing