Chains Chain broke

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    I just installed a Grubee 66cc engine to a Huffy Cranbrook and I was just as excited as a kid on Christmas. I put just a little gas in the tankand primed it and took off. My clutch was a little out of adjustment but no squealing. I knew this because the clutch was still engaged with the lock lever on the handle engaged.

    But anyway I only went about 20ft and POP! I thought maybe the chain come off but no the chain BROKE! I dont mean the link but the metal itself broke.

    My question is, are these just cheap chains that frequently break or did I do something wrong? I adjusted the tention nice and snug for the chain with the chaintensioner.

    Also another odd thing. The spark plug wire would not fit over the tip of the plug itself. I unscrewed the tip of the plug but then it was to small. I wound up grinding the tip of the plug down with and got it to fit but maybe they gave me the wrong plug??? What would be a good replacement?
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    Er, plugs are pretty much entirely standard, and owning the 48cc grubee I can say without doubt that either of the plugs provided (many kits come with two) will fit in the connector boot very easily... ?

    As for the chain, is it a 415 heavy or is it a 410? I believe they all come with 415's but tis worth asking. In either case, you don't mean that the master link came off or snapped did you? Because the chains are exceedingly difficult to snap unless something is going horribly wrong :/ Especially if it snapped, not one of the links (not neccisarilly the master link) fell apart.

    I'd be interested to see a picture of the plug that wouldn't fit if you've got a camera, they definitely shouldn't need grinding, and in fact are made of ceramic, which could well crack or be otherwise compromised by grinding the plug.

    Unfortunately I don't know why the chain would.. snap really.

    Good luck.

    -- Hajuu
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    Ok I looked into things a little further and I feel dumb but I unscrewed the tip off of the plug and it fit right on.

    To answer the previous question, yes the chain itself broke, not the master link but the metal in one of the links ripped in half.

    I took off the clutch cover and started to rotate the chain and discovered the it tries to jump the gear inside and gets binded up. I am guessing the engine it not perfectly lined up with the rear sprocket? I also found the wheel bearings in the rear wheel are not completley tight. I am thinking maybe the little play in the back wheel is what was causing the chain to jump.

    But for the 20 seconds it ran it ran great! lol
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    Lol, I know exactly how that is.

    Just enough to keep you going while ruining your fun. It must have happened to me 200 times so far and its still my first build.

    Keeping in mind that im still doing my first build and im extremely inexperienced, to me the only thing it could be is for some reason, power being applied, without the chain turning (eg: It got stuck somewhere along the way and power was applied). Seems to be the only thing that makes sense.

    I'm sure someone else can help you more than I can, but atleast for you its just a chain, which are cheap as ****.

    Good luck mate