Chains Chain broke

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    Earlier I wrote about my chain jamming and you all made some recommendations that my chain was to loose which was correct and so I fixed the issue. The other night I hit a large pothole and my chain snapped clear in half. So I'm wondering if I should upgrade the chain or get a better tensioner. Are there spring loaded tensioners available? Can anyone make any recomendations on chains and tensioners? I figure I can just get a chain link to fix my chain but I'd like to build it so it doesn't happen again. It was tight but still had some give seems like as I rotate the sprocket on the back tire it is tighter or looser depending on the wheel rotation suggesting it might not be perfectly centered? I don't know how that could be. I've had no problems with alignment or the chain falling off. Running Chinese 66cc 2 stroke kit.

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    it's true you can have the chain to loose but you can also have it to tight. That can cause it to snap , but does not sound like that is what happened.
    The chain's that comes with most kits suck I would not fix it I would replace it with a better chain maybe a 415.
    They do have spring loaded tensioners but there not cheap .
    If you would like info on them PM me
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    chain too tight in one spot means your back sprocket is off center in the up/down direction - if you can't get it straighter, then at least adjust chain while the wheel is in the tightest spot

    often, a chain breaks because the engine has gotten a bit loose and has leaned toward the left side of the bike a bit - check that the spark plug is in the center of the frame
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    You do need to get you back wheel and sprocket as centered as possible .
    Get you a marker get it as close to the sprocket as possible with out the marker touching the sprocket hold the marker very still keep it from moving even a 1/8 of an inch,
    you might find it easier to rest the marker on the frame to make it ease to keep it still.
    spin the tire if the marker comes in contact with the sprocket go to the nearest bolt and tighten it repeat until marker is not touching. That will help get it a straight as possible.
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    I went through multiple attempts at getting the sprocket centered.
    Finally with the tire off and in my lap I used a piece of coat hanger with a loop, 2 washers and 2 nuts on the axle bolt. Now you can use a marker to place a dot on the hanger where it lines up with the sprocket teeth. Keep moving the wire around the perimeter of the sprocket lining the mark with the teeth, and tightening as you go around. Most of you will get the idea.