Chain Bunched, broke through magneto wall!

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    Hey all, first post here, and unfortunately it is looking for some help. My jeans got caught in my chain today, causing the chain to bunch in the enclosure, and punched a hole straight through the all between the sprocket and the magneto. Just wondering if i can get away with maybe patching a piece of sheet metal into there to keep dust out the the magneto enclosure, or if this has happened to anyone else? Thanks!

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    That would be my first suggestion...Make it water proof. Take a pair of Vise Grips and clamp a little at a time to pull the piece together. Doesn't look like much of a problem.
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  3. Sure you could put a patch over the broken section using a piece of sheet metal, perhaps some short sheet metal screws, and epoxy. If you can push the broken section back into place and have it welded by a professional welder it would be best. The case is definitely weakened and welding it would be the strongest repair.
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    LOL at least you didn't lost a leg.

    I would straight it and glued it in or just rip out and glued piece of plastic there.
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    Yeah, you could JB weld that broken piece back in there. Would be ok, until the chain slams into it again.
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    And when you finish.....put a chain guard on it.
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    that what he said or dont wear baggy pants i would jb weld at least after straighteing