Chains chain caught in spoke?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by geronimo, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. geronimo

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    I am having trouble with chain getting caught on spoke! Should I try to put a plastic spacer between spoke and chain?

  2. machiasmort

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    NO! You need to achieve proper sprocket alignment first!

    Best suggestion I can give you, Lay on the ground and take a picture of the alignment you have now. You want us to see the line between the rear sprocket and drive sprocket, in relation to the frame and rear tire!

    While it's possible to deflect the chain a little bit with the tensioner (in kit), you don't want to rely upon it! The back tire will sieze, the bike will stop but your ride will just be begining!
  3. AussieSteve

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    You'll find, too, that to achieve proper alignment, you'll probably need to twist the tensioner until the roller is parallel to the chain. It also needs to be well centred, so that it guides the chain onto the centre of the rear sprocket as closely as possible. Make sure the tensioner clamp bracket is very tight and cannot move and keep the chain well adjusted, with no more than 10-12mm slack at it's tightest point.
    Once all of that's done, cross your fingers and wear that helmet. I never felt comfortable with the tensioner and rag-joint sprocket. An accident waiting to happen.
    A 'Manic Mechanic' sprocket and adaptor is one answer, a shift kit is another, yet another is a tensioner mounted to two points on the frame, so it can't move inwards toward the spokes.
    If the chain is climbing the sprocket teeth and coming off, it'll take more than a piece of plastic to stop it.

    ... Steve
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