chain drive vs friction drive

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  1. hheltzer

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    hey i was just wondering what kind i should get chain drive or friction drive what r advantages and disadvantages of both

  2. Najuto9tail

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    chain drive is better because it won't damage the tire but it may break some spokes,Fricition drive will probably waste the tire really quickly(friction drive is when the motor moves the tire by friction force right? So yeah you get my point.I am a newbie on the site,Nice to meet you.
  3. chefdouglas

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    friction drives have less vibration, but a higher center of gravity and in my opinion just don't look as cool but a lot of people on this site who use their bikes for transportation seem to prefer them. For what it's worth.
  4. Hawaii_Ed

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    Friction drive uses much better quality and more expensive engines. There is debate about which is more efficient, they directly drive the tire, wear a chain has drag and resistance. Friction does wear the tire, and is not so good in the wet. Chain drive is cheap, and looks more like a motorcycle. I like chain drive, my buddy likes friction, and we both move along just fine.
  5. Esteban

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    There is some tire wear on friction drive, but not as much as some people state. Once you get used to them, & ride correctly learn to " feather " the acceleration, assist with pedals on hills & in the rain, they are fine. I can ride one for a LONG time on the same tire. Friction drives are the simplest to install & remove. Very handy when fixing a flat !! They usually come with a much better quality engine, compared to th Chinese ones , so much less time spent on repairs .
    Chain drive, frame mounts do look better.
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  6. Mountainman

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    I also enjoy my little friction drive
    but must admit
    in the rain last winter
    that THING was not the best
    but hey
    here in this neck of the woods
    we do not see rain often anyway

    oh yes I agree with Esteban
    tire wear is not bad at all -------- note -- keeping ajusted properly
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  7. augidog

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    there's more to MB'ing than chains and rubbers

    after owning and/or riding most everything available, i've come to the personal conclusion that a geared-belt is best...

    imo, if you go with a rack-mount & don't explore GEBE's setup before deciding, you're selling yourself short.

    a little rain ain't nuthin'...we golden eagle riders aren't afraid of any conditions...beach cruzin's full-suspension mongoose:

    take your time, and welcome to MBc :cool2:
  8. loquin

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    Staton's chain drives aren't cheap. They're a VERY well made, very reliable drive system. (His gearbox comes with a lifetime warranty!) The chinese 2-stroke, in-frame chain drives ('Happy Time') are, though...

    As far as in-frame systems 'looking better,' that's purely a matter of opinion, LOL. I happen to like a motored bicycle that looks like a bicycle with a motor added, not like a motorcycle wannabe... ;-)
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  9. Happy Valley

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    Yes indeed, couldn't have said it better!!

    I want my MBs to retain the look of a bicycle with all the inherent stealth that provides plus I'd hate to sacrifice any of the sweet funtionality of the original bike purely to look like some lowball entry into two-wheeled motorsport.
  10. Gh0stRider

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    Like the "Ginger or Mary Anne" debate.

    One is better looking but high maintenance, the other is not as flashy but lower maintenance. Both are fun to ride.........
  11. chefdouglas

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    Gh0stRider hit the nail on the head, but to add to it any way one is good to show your mom the other to your friends.
  12. A cheap Chinese Happy Time engine in frame mounted chain drive is the least expensive, but least reliable system. A friction drive kit with a good Japanese engine is a touch more expensive and hugely more reliable. Staton's rack mounted chain drive system is yet more expensive, and with the right engine, rock solid reliable. You get what you pay for.
  13. eastwoodo4

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    you just said everything i was thinking.:)

    i dont know what some of these guys r thinking but in frame isnt the only chain drives.staton makes quality chain drives that will probably last longer than a gebe offense to gebe,great product.

    now,as someone whos driven friction and chain drive i have to say chain drive.i road a friction drive for two years and got along fine untill we got day and days of rain.then the slipping became a problem.since then ive went to chain drive with an hd freewheel set up on it which eliminates broken spokes and all that.
    its rack mount which i like because like loquin says,it looks like a bicycle with a small motor attached instead of a cheezy bicymotorcycle??? with a big gas tank.

    so to answer your question,go with a quality chain or belt chinese junk.if your not gonna ride in the rain at all,get a friction drive if you want simplicity.
  14. Warner

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    When I built my bike I only seriously considered two kits. The GEBE belt drive kit and the Staton chain drive kit....both rack mount with good engines. The reason I chose the Staton kit over the GEBE were:

    1 - The Staton kit offers virtually ZERO resistance when simply pedaling, which I do a lot when I go for rides with my daughter (engine off).

    2 - I don't like the way the GEBE "ring" looks OR believe in the mechanics of it attaching to a few spokes. The Staton chain drive setup runs directly to the hub of the back wheel, and therefore distributes the power equally to all spokes, in addition to guaranteeing that everything is centered.

    3 - I believe in chains more than belts. I'm sure the belts wear out faster than the chains do.

    Having said that, I think both systems have merits and are reliable....I just think the Staton chain drive system does everything a little better and smarter than the GEBE system.

  15. seanhan

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    check out belt drive !!!

    no tire wear
    use any style tires
    high quality japanese engines 2 or 4 stroke
    no slipping in the rain at all
    no greese no adjusting chains
    no heavy gearbox's
    I have 1000 miles on belt with no sign of wear
    and the ride is smooth !!!!!

    oh yea 1 more thing They actully have good assembly instructions !!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. Warner

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    I can't argue about the lack of good instructions from Staton.....they are NOT great instructions. So if GEBE has good instructions that is definitely a plus for them. I still rate the true freewheeling WAY up on my list....and the huge "ring" that attaches to the spokes just seems so hokey to me. But I know they are good and reliable kits. I just like the Staton design and engineering better.

  17. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    I would like

    To get a Staton also.
    They look heavy duty !!
    and they do use good engines...
    Iam kinda interested in the new axel mount kit, I like the idea of the engine being further away from my ears...
  18. Warner

    Warner Member

    If I were going to build another bike, I'd probably go with the axle mount one myself.

  19. mifletz

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    Am waiting to see a video clip of Staton's new axle-mount in action.
  20. seanhan

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    theres a guy on this site that just built one.
    I hope has can post a youtube video !!!!
    it's not that hard and if you have problems you can just ask a 12 year old !!!!
    thats what i did !!!