chain fell off, not able to disengage the clutch



Hi I been looking around the site cant seem to find the right thread my chain fell off and now it will not dissingage the clucth so that the back weel will turn freely had this problem once before and I just had to put the chain on the small and big spocket but this time that did not work when you hold in the clutch the bike will not move. I took the plate off were the small spocket is and everthing looks ok.
I couldn't find that thread either. Tell me,when you push on the clutch arm itself will it disengage? How's your chain tension? It should be snug but not overly tight.
Try adjusting the clutch by shorting up the clutch cable where it meets the clutch arm,then with the clutch engaged,move your bike back and forth.
A lot of the problems with this is usually the chain wrapped up in your front sprocket but you stated this not to be.
Good Luck.
Nop tryed all that did not work Like I said the last time this happed that was the problem but not this time and yes the dowel rod is still there I may try to ajusted the clucth arm again but it is allready close to hitting the carb
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There are a few possibilities here. When you rotate the back tire does the engine turn over? i.e. a popping sound. If so, then your butterfly nut probably needs tightening. To do this, open the large plate on the side opposite the clutch arm and remove the small silver screw, then rotate the star-shaped butterfly nut. You'll probably have to use a hammer and nail set to do this, as the nut is usually pretty tight.

If the back tire does not turn the engine over, and you just can't make it go at all, then your chain has probably skipped a tooth within the clutch itself. This is a pain in the butt, but not the end of the world. If you remove the clutch arm plate you'll see it right away. I typically use a ratchet with a 1/2" nut and put a steel pipe on the end of the ratchet for leverage. This happened often to me when the chain derailed.

A third possibility is that the clutch bearing fell out. It's a small silver bb about the size of buckshot that rests behind the rod. Mine fell out and I didn't know it and was quite perplexed. You can usually tell if it's missing because the rod will go in much further than it usually does.

Hope that helps in some way.
yes I get the popping sound I have not had a chance to get the silver screw off yet seems like a pain.