Chains Chain guard is NOISY!

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    Hi All,
    Wondering how many of you bother with the chain guard, and if you do, how do you keep it quiet? With about 1/2" of up/down play it's rattling the gaurd pretty good. I'm sure if I tighten it up more and can tone it down some...but I've never had it quiet, where all I can hear is the motor.

    Has anyone had the chain come up and bite them not using the gaurd?

    I never ride with long pants (I'm in FL) so I'm not worried about getting my pant legs caught...

    Show me some pics...give me some ideas, please.


  2. HoughMade

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    What's a chain guard?
  3. Marktur

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    I think I should remove a link..the chain is loose, and I just moved the tire as far back on the frame as - big stretch!

    So you don't use the guard anyway?
  4. HoughMade

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    I don't have a guard on either chain. Mine is style inspired (I've not seen a chain guard on a 1919 board tracker), but as to the engine chain, it seems like most people here don't use it.
  5. The stock chains are the same quality as most of the other parts. Replace it with #41 chain. Better quality, less stretch. I dont use the chainguard either it looks better without it I think, plus with my 50t sprocket wouldnt cover much chain anyway....
  6. will_start

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    I run without a guard now,
    as my chain guard failed at the top end. So I dumped it, if you adjust the tensioner, it won't rattle.
    The advantage of the guard is no grease on ya leg or pants if it touches the chain.

    Its a personal choice really...
  7. KiDD

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    I never bothered to install my chain guard. The instructions seem very vague as to mounting it. Cut some here, nylon tie it there? I think it is included in the kit just to cover the vendor's *** in case you cut a chunk out of your leg or something.
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