Chain has folded behind engine cover

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    Right next to the clutch and will not spin at all, i have tried smacking it out of place with a mini hammer, it wont budge? Any ideas or advice?
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  2. Themadm

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    1. Rock back and forth on your bike while engaging the clutch.
    2. At the top, around the crimped link, use a flat head screwdriver and lift (see pic)

    That should do it. This might be due to the chain not feeding into your drive sprocket properly. Check the alignment and tension of the chain after you get it fixed. Cheers

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    Thanks managed to get it loose but now opposite the clutch the cog keeps coming off
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    Can you post a picture for us? I don't understand...
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    This happened a lot when i first put my bike together cause my chain was too loose and still happens occasionally. I use needle nose pliers to pull it out. See if you can take out a link or tighten up the chain tensioner.
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    1457248252237-1572156190.jpg I had this problem a few times when I first started building, then I saw a part for sale EBay, it looked simple enough so I bought some plastic similar to cutting board, cut out a piece to fill the void where the chain kinks up, leaving room for the chain to pass around the sprocket, drilled a hole in it and installed the way it says on EBay except I used only one bolt. I now do this to every engine I buy and haven't lost a chain since.