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Jan 9, 2008
I am in the prosses of atatching the engine to the back wheel via chain. The chain I am useing is to long and I do not know how to take 6 of the links out. Any help here MB users?:confused:
What do I do with the file?

Grind/file off the rivet heads on the last link you want to remove, pop off the figure 8 shaped plate and push the link out. Look at your master link, you want to make the break point link look kind of like that.

Or take the chain to your local motorcycle shop and buy a chain breaker to fit.

You can buy a chain tool at any bicycle shop or bike departmemt at Wal-Mart.I think by the sound of things your best bet would be to go to your local bicycle shop to buy it so they can show you how to use it.
I didnt need the file. I just set the chain on a cresent wrench and used a punch to drive the pin out. Much easier than I thought it would be.

edit: I'll bet one could use a large nail, I didnt have to use much force.
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If the pin came out without having to use quite a bit of force, I would be worried about the quality of the chain.
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Sound to me like he's got a good old 415 happytime chain they come apart easy at times:D

You sir are correct. I am concerned, for other reasons as well. As you know there is stretching, abnormal ware inside the motor, and noise.
Ok, I took it t a bike shop, they shortend it for 5$. I attatched the masterlink and I was walking it to the gas station to pump the tire and buy gas and the master link fell off :( I found the thing that looks like ad 8 but not that little black pin thing that keeps the "8" from falling off. Will apoxy glueing the "8" thing to the 2 pins pokeing out work? or do I have to bust out the metal detector?
I doubt that epoxy would last. Good luck with the metal detector. I don't deal with masterlinks, I just pop a pin out, make the chain the length I want, and press the pin back in.