Chain Tensioner chain idler bearing

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  1. Biker

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    Hi guys
    I was ordering some parts and come across a so called roller bearing for the idler.Mine is the old plain type and i was going to get me a ball bearing one.
    Has anyone heard of this roller type or is it just a plain type also?
    Hi Colin, our rollers for the chain are roller bearing housed, as we are
    relocating to QLD, the floods have put us in limbo, we have been scheduled
    to receive our containers this coming Friday, thus we should be up and going
    by the following week.

    We have been extremely lucky in that we have not lost our containers due to
    the floods, we apologies for any inconvenience, & hopefully you will support
    us when we are back on our feet.

    Please do hesitate to contact Tony or Joshua with any technical advice

    Tania Riccio

    Rock Solid Bicycle Engines
    Shed 5, Lot 11 Beor Street

  2. gothicguy64

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    yes it has a bearing inside.

    try screamming emu he uses rse motors an gear as well .
    mine is a rse hp1 but made into a hp2.5 .......46cc .
    i just got a sbp shiftkit an exhaust , filter , throttle , grips , hix plug ummm
    a few extra bits ..
    i may soon take my ole idler off an its a rse 1 an ole bike is b4 the stealth shaft
    an yes its a shaft bike with 3 gears ..but i killed the rear wheel hense gettin a new bike etc :sweatdrop:

    i am in syd
  3. Biker

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    I didn't understand a word you said,yes it has a bearing,what does that mean,like they already said it had a roller bearing,whatever that is?Like if it was a needle bearing i could understand it fitting inside the plastic,no way roller bearing would fit.
    So it does have a ball bearing?it was only $8 so that's why i thought they could be talking about the old bush type.
  4. HeadSmess

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    a needle bearing is a roller bearing. and like ball bearings, available in an amazing array of sizes...

    use skateboard wheels :)
    if you wanna groove for the chain, get creative with an angle grinder ;)
  5. Biker

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    Ok i found out,Rock Solid fit there own needle bearing,it's not a roller bearing or the more come upgrade ball bearing.And only $8,which is amazing,considering it would be hard to find any caged needle bearing from a bearing supplier under $20,and they have fitted it to the Nylon idler too!