Chain Tensioner Chain Idler Recommendations ?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by V 35, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. V 35

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    My kit came with a bogus looking chain Idler, running 48 tooth sprocket,
    Center mount chinese engineconfused about best idler setup.

    Tempted to make my own, am I better off using a sprocket roller
    or the toothless wonder that comes with kit ? Seems to me, the frame
    could get some cool gusseting, and the Idler would fasten to the gusset.

    Does anyone remember the Honda M B 5 ? 30 years too early ?

    They flopped in Massachusetts, " It must have pedals to be a Moped "

  2. Donavan321

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    Did you solve your idler issue? I turned the stock idler into a spring loaded tensioner and it works wonders. I personally have never had too many problems with the rollers. If I were you I'd wrap either part of an old bicycle tire inner tube around the frame, or some tape. Or I could show you my 620411_547019665309624_1770501675_o(1).jpg 737744_544884225523168_145764801_o.jpg spring loaded tensioner I have made using the kits idler, just added an extra bolt, washers, nut, metal bar with holes in it, an extension spring, and some flexible steel band 89cents for 10 feet(similar to the metal that wraps around the frame for a coaster brake. I have pictures of both attached. Hope this helps!