Chain Tensioner Chain idler slips

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  1. Zesty

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    G'day mates,
    Well fellas I have yet another problem. I know its hard to believe someone with my talents not being able to solve something like THIS of all things but...
    Went for a ride the other day and I heard a scraping sound, looked around the bike thinking wow nothing wrong I must be hearing things should go get that checked out, then bam IT happened looked down while riding and it was the chain! the chain idler must have came lose with all the vibrations. Went home tried to tighten the sucker with no luck, the middle of the idler spins with the bolt and yes now i have to catch a **** bus everywhere. Anyone know a simple solution, i was thinking about making a line though it and using a screw driver to hold it in place but its to far into the plastic to reach =(.
    Cheers guys.

  2. gothicguy64

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    if u get sum flat bar the same width as idler
    make it 6-8 inchs long an drill 3 holes 1 for wheel
    1 to put bar to arm an a small nr wheel then put a spring in small hole then to
    upper bikes frame then u get a auto ajustin idler arm .

    look in wild in the streets or zbox for more ideas

  3. AussieSteve

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    Zesty, I just noticed this thread. You've probably already solved it, but I struck the same problem and bought a new tensioner pin and roller from ZBox, (comes without the pin inserted yet), then filed the head of the pin to fit a 14mm socket.
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