Chains Chain Install Problems

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    I just received my thatsdax 50cc engine today. So far I got the engine mounted, gas tank, throttle, and clutch. However, I am having issues with 3 things.

    #1. Carburetor - Unfortunately the bike I am using there is not enough room for the carb. Fortunately, my father is a mechanic and stopped by today and told me how to route the carb using PVC pipe and a rubber hose. So I am hoping that works out.

    #2. Rear Sprocket - So the pieces I got for my rear sprocket are as followed: (1) Sprocket, (2) Rubber Disk, (3) metal pieces that when put together make a circle, and (9) bolts/washer/nuts.

    Issue is that the holes do NOT line up. and the 3 metal pieces overlap each other! This is how I have it set up. From the outside of the spokes... Sprocket and then rubber circle then spokes, then another rubber circle, then the 3 metal pieces. I downloaded the KingsMotorBikes Installation 49cc, which is nice that they offer that. But I can't figure this out. Maybe I have to take these 3 pieces over to my dad's house and grind them down a bit? That doesnt resolve the fact that not all the holes line up.

    #3. Chain Installation - According to thatsdax and the installation manual (KingsMotorBikes), I need to remove the cover from the engine sprocket. There are 3 screw holding this cover in, and they either welded or used lock tight on these things in China!!!! Not I nor my brother get this things off with a screw driver. I am scared to keep trying in fear that the screw heads will become stripped. This is my #1 problem right now, as I am sure I can find some sort of way to resolve the other 2 problems. This one, I have NO clue what to due. I'm soaking the screw with PB lubrication oil to see if I can get them un-done tomorrow. Last resort is calling my father after he gets off work to swing by and take a look.

    Any suggestion (especially regarding #3) would be appreciated. I am getting a little frustrated (expected reaction when dealing w/ Chinese 2 stroke). Thank you for all who reply

    ThatsDax is a great company, and have lived up to their word about everything including shipping. I even called him today and told him that fedex put a hole in the box and he was willing to replace any parts that were missing, and up to this point all parts seem to be there, but he gives 200% customer support and I am very happy with his professionalism. I know this box was sealed from China to my doorstep, so I DO NOT blame thatsdax for these issues (especially #3), I just need to find a way to fix it. I'm calling thatsdax tomorrow to see if he can help me over the phone :D
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    #3 If you push the clutch lever in and hold it in,you should be able to feed the chain on the top.Then used your finger on the little sprocket to rotate it and the chain around. Once it's around pull it it through.Keep the clutch lever in the entire time. I Did this many years ago when the kits came with very liitleor no info.MotoMagz
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    Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I tried that with NO success.... however, I will try again in the morning. I hope that for some reason that it will work like that. I really do not want to mess with those 3 screws anymore as that cheap Chinese metal is so soft that they are going to strip completely.

    But as I said I will try again tomorrow and hopefully I will succeed! Thanks again!
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    I fixed most of the issues today and ran the bike. In fact the only thing that is really being an issue is the throttle. On the cable where it goes into the twist grip, therer is a little metal tab that goes on the cable cover that comes out of the kill switch housing and then becomes an issue when riding. Anyone know a fix for this?

    Plus, I think I need to adjust my bike more as it only feels like I have 1/3 of throttle, the pickup on the bike is slow and it seems to need to be "tuned". However, I think this might be normal during the break-in process, is it?
  5. wrap black electrical tape around it to hold the cable in.
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    well the twist throttle is shot, so I am using a brake lever for throttle. Also, I noticed that the slider on the carb came upside down, so it was only allowing 1/3 throttle.

    Now the main issue is the exhaust leak!!! I tried to use RTV on it, let it stand over 24 hours before I road it again. RTV lasted a few hours before it sounded like I have no exhaust system/muffler. I'm sure i'll figure out a way to take care of that as well.

    My electric speedo got me going 26MPH (downhill) and a solid 19MHP uphill on my 49cc thatsdax engine.

    Like listed above, i've had issues with this install, but have found ways to resolve all the ones i've had thus far.
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    You came up with something i have not heard of before.
    The carb slider upside down. Good find.
    I would have missed it,tore it apart and searched to find how to put it back together without even concidering it may of been installed wrong.
    It is on my list for things to check when installing.
    If engine is broke in correctly it will live longer. The longer it lives the better they seem to run.
    Thank you. This is what its about. Passing info,sharing knowledge.
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    #3 happend to me and i had know idea what to do. the comments bellow helped me. thanks for posting this!!
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    Progress update:

    Chain installation - Called Duane from ThatsDax and he recommended a impact punch. Worked well at getting those CHEAP China bolts. I ran down to the local hardware store with the bolts and got quality replacement bolts for about $1

    Now that the carb is operating normal that the slide is inserted normally, I get way better speed. However, I am seeing small amounts of fuel leaking from somewhere and ending up on the cooling fins on the engine. I suspected the head bolts but they are at 9lbs torque. I even tightened them down a little more but still getting small amounts of fuel showing up there. No signs of leaking from the fuel tank above it. For now not a major concern, but could be if I don't find where it's coming from.

    My throttle broke before I got to even use it, the plastic had a fracture in it, but I made use of a brake lever for the throttle and it works soon. I emailed thatsdax to price a replacement throttle, but I might stay with my current set up.

    My latest concern has been the muffler/exhaust. One of the bolts coming off the engine (to mount the exhaust) is stripped, so I am going to have to use my tap/dye and re-thread it to a lower thread. China metal is too soft i've noticed all too much from this build. Anyways, I have a slight exhaust leak due to this, not to mention that the bottom part of the exhaust gasket is missing..... But I am going to simply tap/dye the bolt, then RTV the mating side of the muffler then attach the muffler and locktight the nuts on. This should hopefully resolve that issue.

    Another issue is that the bottom section of the exhaust (the baffle) moves freely. I used some metal wire to hold it tight to the frame. However it's like something inside the baffle is loose in there and the baffle slides freely up and down. Any ideas how to fix?

    I will post up some pics soon as well as a short video on youtube, to show the build and problems with the exhaust.