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    hi guys,
    ive had this bike for 5 months now,(rock solid stock 50) i got it second hand for $220 WITH HELMET !! :D with alot of kms on it.I rely on this thing as work transport, its been really good. then last week exhaust broke off at manifold:( so i fixed it all good. then today the chain link failed and spat the chain out at 45 kmh:sweatdrop: so i checked for damage and to see if it was repairable (wasnt). then i noticed that the steel type tensioner(IE roller itself) had been chipping because the linked part of the chain is wider than the roller can accomodate, which over the 100s of kms must have been wearing the link down until it came off. the chain has NEVER come off and always checked+ greased until this happened. So i need good ideas with what to do about the roller. i have a machine facility and fully equipped work shop facilities, So any ideas or pics will greatly appreciated :bowdown:

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    the only ones i can source straight away are :poop:. i need one in the next day, no later. thats why i want to make one. i have a friend whos turned down a skateboard wheel and its been going well so far. im thinking of doing that. (alloy maybe?????) bearings are not an issue and a motor bike shop scored me a link today:bowdown:. even thinking of a 10 tooth front sproket with a press fit bearing in the center instead of the traditional roller:idea:
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    if this is the case, whats the problem? :rolleyes7:
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    cause i only wanna do it once
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    time isnt on my side i work 70 hrs a week and have a baby so i need a good reliable fix
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    Hi Blue,
    The best option would be your ball raced sprocket idea mounted on a spring loaded arm, there are a few examples of this system to be found in this site. I am still using the stock plastic roller with no issue and have done about 1500 kms on it but i did make sure the alignment of said roller was spot on.

    Cheers BJ
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    just letting everyone know i made it, using using a sprocket and appropriate bearing. it works a treat so its back up and running now. i steered clear of the self tensioning system only so i HAVE to adjust it myself and look it over for other potential problems, otherwise ill probably get lazy and over look things like that (thats how i think it failed this time) i was always on top of the adjustments but over looked the link each time. thanks for the advise guys:bowdown:
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    chain tensioner, problems

    The main problem that I have with the chain tensioners that are supplied with these kits is a quality level is usually not up to par. So what I did was to take the chain tensioner out of the equation. I installed track bike type rear ends on my current frame and also welded a derailleur hanger on the right side.

    It does make rear derailleur side a bit more work because I have to take quick release off in order to get the hub into the dropouts. The payoff is that I don't need any tension roller. I also had to use a different rear quick release. The Shimano one that came with the hub did not have enough holding pressure to keep everything snug. Now if I want to tighten up the chain. I just pull on the rear axle and when it gets snug enough clamp down on the rear quick release. No mess, no fuss, and no pulleys in my spokes.

    I only have about 50 miles on the system so far. But it looks promising. I had to do some custom brazing in order to get the dropouts to fit on this old Scott frame I have. So far so good(knock wood)

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    Chain -N- tensioner.jpg

    This is the way the tensioner works best for me. other way it would twist into the spokes. messed up 2 tires spokes.
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    hey lazieboy is that a stock tensioner your using ?
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    What up

    Ya LZ3 tensioner is from Origional LZ1 09 Grubee 66cc straight plug kit.
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    letting everybody know it working well 150kms later and the chain got adjusted today. since the repair i feel i can push it a bit harder and it feels so much smoother and quieter the sprocket is a good idea im going to make another but this time im taking photos and ill post them on here (once i figure out how to do it ) comments and tips on what i should do differently welcome.PLEASE:idea: