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    I sold a bike to someone and they wanted a 30 day warranty ..big mistake..they are 1 hour and 20 min from me..i delivered the bike.

    I learned a lesson to not warranty the bikes..but i still have to get this buyer out of my way.

    The Bike is a Huffy Cranbrook and I tried the factory sprocket ..i couldnt get it to work. SO I put a 48 tooth Maniac sprocket on it.. the bike rode fine for me..but when she used it..the chain snapped off..bent the back fender and flattend the back tire I brought her a new bike...same bike...and 30 miles of ride time..the same thing happend.

    I have examined these bikes closely..I am thinking that the sprocket was installed too far out

  2. john doe

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    are you using an idler or just breaking these chains until they fit?
    if the latter, chain might be too tight. Try using an idler OR adjusting the chain out a tad with a half link.

    As for the sprocket being too far out, how much clearance is there between your chainstay and the chain? Is there a chance the chain is hitting other metal things when she's riding flat out?
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  3. crassius

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    the thing that usually snaps a chain is the teeth of the sprocket picking up a side plate of the chain rather than fitting down in the gap of the link - usually this happens at the rear, but could happen at the front if the chain is too far out of line - make sure the tensioner is aligned in/out to exactly feed the chain onto the teeth of the rear sprocket such that each tooth hits the gap in the link AND is so centered that the chain can be pushed with the fingers a bit BOTH in and out - I often grind the teeth of the back sprocket very sharp so there is no flat surface to pick up a side plate on - also, be sure the chain is not too tight in some spot of the full rotation
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  4. butre

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    is she a bit on the heavy side? the extra load might account for you not being able to reproduce it. if that's the case try a #41 chain from tractor supply, I was breaking chains left and right before I installed that one.
  5. Fabian

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    Forgive me for laughing my backside off, but you did "WHAT" - a 30 day warranty on a motorised bicycle with a chinese engine - forgive me for the tears rolling down my face :rofl:

    A monumental mistake of religious magnitude.

    That's it, just sell someone a bike who believes it will be reliable and just turn your back on them in future - smells like a whole lot of personal integrity to me.

    You are screwed - you will never be able to get that buyer out of your way, because you sold a bike that is (by anecdotal evidence) inherently unreliable.

    It's an OMG moment - you sold a motorised bicycle to a woman - what a comedy of errors we have here, and let me guess, she thought that the bike was going to be reliable. Hang on a second. Give me a chance to fall over myself laughing.

    If i were you, i'd be getting out of town real quick, because it won't be long before you get a letter in the mail from her lawyer - no amount of incentive could put me in your shoes - this post just keeps on giving.

    If she hasn't begun throwing the full process of the legal system at you, i'd be buying her another bike, and for gods sake don't install an engine, then give her $1,000 for her trouble.

    Is this a joke - you must be pulling my leg - i mean, seriously, is this a joke?

    If you examined the bike from the start, it wouldn't have happened in the first place.

    My bike has been brought up to a level where it is surprisingly reliable, but there is no way; absolutely no way that i would sell my bike to a woman, because i could not give a guarantee of reliability and secondly, a woman is not prepared to spend her life chasing and fixing electrical and mechanical problems, not to mention the daily routine of maintenance; which tends to be a dirty process.

    So let me recap: you sold a motorised bicycle to a woman, which must have been a real wise choice - - - - oh please, give me some air - i can't stop laughing at your attempts to """get the buyer to go away"""
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  6. dougsr.874

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    Refund her purchase price and be done with it......
  7. Rockjaw

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    Fabian thats some funny stuff..yeah i deserve to be picked on.
    .i know right..ive done some stupid things in my life..but this was by far the just a beginner at selling these bikes though..see..i figured because she was so far away that if something happend...she wouldnt want to drive the bike to me because of the distance..but when she called me complaining i felt bad lol.

    yes i use an idler ..i was told today from a builder that i could have the chain link clip on backwards ...but im ptiing it on the way the paper that the kit comes with says..ill post it in a different thread soon

    (john doe) the sprocket is about an inch from the end
  8. Fabian

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    For crying out loud, this comedy of errors continues with unabated fortitude. Basically you're making mention that you have no real idea what you are doing or the issues that can (and do) go wrong with these engines & drivetrain mechanism, upon which you palm off such a problematic method off transport to a person that has even less mechanical and technical aptitude than yourself; then expecting the whole process to turn out like walking through the serenity of a lavender field.

    I would assess the situation as far worse than foolish, but much closer to reckless negligence, because a woman has absolutely no idea what she is getting herself into and the inherit level of risk to her life, based on the fact that wholesale ineptitude is providing service to the mechanically illiterate - a recipe for disaster.

    Oh my lord, that most certainly smells like a whole lot of personal integrity to me; virtually on par with a politician handing out promises with his hand on his heart.

    Holy Jehoshaphat, this thread just keeps on giving and then some.
    I am not surprised that she was complaining. I would have turned up with my lawyer by my side for putting my life at great risk.

    I would have felt terrified at the potential consequences.

    Crikey, it just doesn't end.
    Before even assembling the chain on the bike i would have been absolutely sure which way the joiner link & clip was to be positioned, let alone handing the bike over to a person that has absolutely no idea how the various parts should be assembled.

    This has now gone past a comedy of errors, because a persons life was put at risk.
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  9. Rockjaw

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    actually..the husband is mechanically inclined..he works for an electric company
  10. Fabian

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    I am glad that there is one piece of positive news in this rolling thunder of errors.
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  11. ChillyWilly

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    Cmon lets cut him some slack he said hes a beginner at selling these ,we unfortunately are not born knowing all the secrets of the universe and Heck! selling these Contraptions isnt an easy thing to do This is ChInA were talking about ... Hes got guts ,hes willing to learn from his mistakes , and good cutomer service Think about that 1 HR & 20 Min not many go to these lengths ... So i gotta Give it to you Rockjaw Your on the right track Bro :rockon:
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  12. Barry

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    Hey Rockjaw,
    If it's any consolation to you, I did the same thing but, in my case, this guy is standing in my garage every Saturday morning wanting something or other fixed!
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  13. Fabian

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    It's one thing to put your own life at risk in the learning process, but it's completely unacceptable to put someone else's life at risk in the learning process.
    It must be remembered that a woman doesn't have the intuitive connection to a mechanical instrument because it's not part of her life focus. A woman who purchases a motorised bicycle from a seller just expects that person to be a professional and expects the bike to give Honda reliability, furthermore, she is not looking for potential problems nor is she expecting the bike to catastrophically fail in operation.

    It only took 30 seconds of looking at the conventional left hand side drive system supplied with the standard motorised bicycle kit for me to realise that it was a completely useless design which would prove to be worthless in operation.
    For that reason i spent 3 weeks searching the internet to find a better system, upon which i found the SickBikeParts shift kit, which made the bike a truly usable transportation device.

    Even so, i spent 2 (very painful and soul destroying) years sorting out various issues to give my bike Honda levels of reliability, though it still requires Moto Guzzi levels of maintenance time.

    What hope does a woman have of receiving a reliable motorized bicycle from a person with proven levels of mechanical catastrophe; causing a potentially serious situation to her well being.
    Some people just need to give up the dream of making a dollar from these bikes.
  14. ChillyWilly

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    OK i gota give you that tho Selling this to a woman is Dangerous , I mean think about it some ehh can drive ok but imagine on a Motorized BICYCLE......that would be quite the story
  15. Rockjaw

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    ok so when i got the phone call from the buyer ...(woman)Hi I am calling about the motorized bicycle for sale..(me) yes for sale..but youre a woman so i am not selling it to you.


    I dont care if they have a stump or a slit...if they want to buy the bikes from me ..thats up to them.

    I sold 2 more today. Was very strict telling the buyers that I could not absolutely not warranty the bike.
  16. Fabian

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    You should have told them that you cannot give any form of warranty, nor can you guarantee their safety from defective workmanship.
  17. ChillyWilly

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    Yeah i dont mean to come off like that either dont take it wrong , But you said the right thing about the warranty, something ive learned from selling used Heavy Equipment Parts is you always need to make some leeway and no matter what always cover your trail because customers will always use any little word against you . but you got the warranty thing right man !
  18. Rockjaw

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    I should have told them that I have my certificate from Motorized Bicycle school that doesnt exist.

    And also told them that my defective workmanship was tought from the instructions booklet that comes with the engine kit. Here in the Powerking booklet its showing the C clip pointing to the right when link is on bottom...
    Meanwhile..another Engine kit that I bought from Fast bike Motors comes with a paper showing the C Clip facing the Left when link is on the bottom.

    Which I am still struggling to find out the correct position of this C clip.

    The chain could have busted off on the buyer .. also due to the idler pulley not being installed correctly. In the booklet they are more concerned on telling you that the pulley does not come in black..instead of stating the pulley can be swapped around in different ways to line up with the chain.
    So my defective workmanship can be blamed on the engine kit companys.

    Was a defect from the makers.

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  19. Rockjaw

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    And Fast Bike Motors instructions here (the opposite direction from Powerkings booklet)
  20. ChillyWilly

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    Ok im running mine like this one ^^^^ fast bike motors , and i havent really had any issues . the way i think is that if the link stretched it would just pull tighter and not pull out the open end .. if that makes any sense lol . best thing is just look at the link and think witch one makes more sense to you , thats what i did