Chains Chain keeps falling off, unable to determine fault. Video demostration inside.

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by RawRawRaw, Jun 23, 2013.

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    get a spring tensioner and ensure chain lines up with sprocket. i couldn't load video (bad connection from my end) but make sure tensioners at the bottom where it should be. make sure chain is in the middle of the sprocket (evenly in the middle) -at the bottom of the sprocket where the chain is, also make sure that the wheel sprocket is in line with engine 10 tooth sprocket if not add or remove spacers on wheel hubs, otherwise it won't be inline and will always fall of , good luck :)
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    looked at the vid - that chain won't work when it is that loose - if needed remove some links, but you need to tighten the tensioner too - you put it where it needs to be, then HOLD the bolt for the roller from the other side thru the spokes while you tighten the nut
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    lol. i repeet.... use an old rear derailer for a ten speed.,., it works great.
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    I tried taking links off, it's too tight, I hear clicking from the clutch gear area, doesn't sound good, but I guess my problem is the tension?

    Without a tensioner and the 'extra' link when it's a bit loose, the chain whips around too much and falls off, maybe the rear sprocket isnt aligned? how do i check that, it looks straight to the eye.

    maybe improve the chain tensioner? i cant tighten it, only move it closer, and it doesnt hold too well

    Link? How do you do that?
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    you really need to find out why you can't tighten the tensioner
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    because one side is a nut and the other side is completely flat?
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    Like instead of:$T2eC16h,!)sE9swmcMmrBQ+5FsFRbQ~~60_12.JPG

    it's just flat behind the roller
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    OK, if there is no screw driver slot on the roller side, then take the bolt out and use a hack saw to cut a slot in the side that the nut goes on - this way you can both hold the bolt with a screw driver and tighten the nut all from the same side - I do this on bikes with two chain guards just because it is then a pain to try to reach thru from the other side.