Chain Link Remover

I called one in Town and they wanted $40 just for a link remover...

Yes, that sounds about right - for a large size chain tool.. All specialized tools are costing BIG MONEY these days - if they are a well made long lasting tool.. A chain tool made in China - I would not want - unless it is to be used only a few times.. We had a nice chain tool in our bike shop years ago - different end pieces so as to be used on almost any chains - bicycles to motorcycles - used much - perfect condition till the end - cost today - guessing around 60 to 80 dollars... I wouldn't want to do it today - but - in the old days when money was tight - I used a punch to break chains - it can be done... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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Do you have a dremel or grinder? All you have to do is grind down the two pins on the link. Then the chain is very easy to take apart. Go buy a dremel with some metal cut off wheels, this is a tool everyone should own.

I have a few chain breakers I use at work but when ever possible I grind the pins as opposed to using the breaker. It's a good tool and works well but often it will deform the last link.

The pins that hold the links together protrude through the sleeves and have a mushroomed end. The mushroomed ends keep the pins from sliding out but also make it difficult to punch out. Simply grind down the mushroom and punch out the pin.