Chain loose on sprocket.



Just noticed my chain is loose on the rear of the (wheel) sporcket, is this normal?

I have changed the 44 tooth that was on it to a 48 (changed wheels actually, 48 was off the Chopper) Now, the 44 was standard fitment on the 80cc and the 48 std on the 48cc.... is there any difference?
from my understanding the difference is that when you add teeth you add power, but lose top speed. The ones offered through the MB dealers are 36, 44 and 55 tooth. The one you are talking about isn't standard so the gaps and teeth may be different measurements and that may have other ramifications.
different dealers sell different sprockets
azvinnie and I have 36, 40, 44, 48, 50 tooth sprockets
bought from Dax, LiveFast, and SpookyTooth
can't remember what came from who
I do know that I can't run my narrow bmx chain (KMC Z510H) on dax's engine sprocket (had to swap it for the one from livefast)
i also discovered that my bicycle chain was a slightly different pitch and it appeared "loose" on the rear sprocket. i changed back to the 415 that came with the engine...all good.
Okay, let me clarify, where the engine chain runs around the rear of the wheel sprocket, it's a little loose. On top and bottom of the rear sprocket it's tight.

I never noticed when the 44 was on there if this was the case, and only noticed when I put the 48 on there.

Does anyone else's chain appear to be like this?
yes, that's what i was saying, my case, the chain's pitch was slightly off.
i'd think yes...either long-term sprocket damage, or possibly instant chain failure.

there are folks here more chain experienced than me...somebody can further answer or correct that, i'm sure...i've decided to stick with whatever chain/sprocket combo shipped together as my simplest solution. i had to add 1/3 more HD chain to my stretch, yet i hit 33.7 tonite, 44-tooth, so i don't think chain-weight's much of a factor in my case.

consumerly speekin', i've come to think of any kit's "wholeness" as part of the equation: rack, frame, front, rear, gas, pre-mix, or electric...if the components won't quite install or perform together (as expected, or represented) out of the box, then it's not really a kit, but just "some parts"...right?

i feel like i'm becoming a mini-expert at happy-time installs that don't rattle loose or leak. it's easy after you learn the weak spots, & how much tightening is too little or, sometimes, too much.

no matter the style, i prefer to buy a whole-kit that's tried & trued, because you can "set it, and forget it."
Are there any adverse effects to this augie?

yes you,ll elongate the valley,s of the sprocket.your chain will try to strech,the same will happen to your front sproket but will be much more pronunced cause of it,s smaller size.then you,ll have to replace all 3 front rear and chain.{dont play with pitch}.i think you need the 50 tooth sproket.
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:cool:chopper, your chain is loose because it's now too long for your setup, because you're now running a smaller sprocket than before. if you'd replaced your 48T sprocket with a 52T sprocket, your chain would be too short.