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    I'm only on my first build, stumpjumper with a HT 80cc and love this toy! but I have rode 2-stroke KTMs my whole life so I was using all my products I have laying around for my HT. My chain just didn't seem to be running as smoothly as I wanted with my aerosol chain lube I use on my 200 EXC. So I rode up to the local "bicycle" shop and ask them what was the best lube to use on my bike, they told me "the blue one" I bought it, lube up the HT and the clattering was gone, seemed much smoother, vibration was less. I like it. The "blue one" is actually Rock"N"Roll" lube, works great! I wouldn't usually say this; it is a good product because every product that says it good should be a good product, but my side door to my house, which is super old I have tried to lube with WD40 a bunch, sounds like tires screeching every time it is opened. So, I decided to try some of "the blue one" on the hinges, it was night and day, I can't hear any sound from it, I don't know if I was just lucky, but this lube seems to work for every purpose. I am going to try it on my KTM as soon as I will be able to notice a difference in the lubes. This is a good product, price-wise and it works.
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    thats not the point im trying to make, "rock"n"roll" works great, be5tter than the stuff i use for the KTM, better for joints on doors, WD40 sucks i agree
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    Good info- thanks.
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    i'm still working on finishing my first tank of gas (and i'm lovin' my bike!), and i've heard that i need to lube my chain and not to use wd40. i'll try the rock n' roll lube -- do i just douse my chain with it? i'm new to all this, and i'm trying to learn basic maintenance and upkeep. any info. or advice you can offer, i'd greatly appreciate. thanks! :)
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    hey sammygrey, all you have to do is hold the bottel of lube above the chain then move the chian so it get spread round evenly. you dont need much.

    thanks for the info GO2W.
    ill see if they have that stuff over here downunder
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    I am willing to give it a try

    been using common oil and other THINGS

    I also have some heavy goop gathered up on derailers ect

    I need to clean -- and then re-apply good lube

    what was the aprox cost ?

    ride that THING
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    brisbane boy

    thanks for the mini-lesson on lubin' my chain! :cool:
    rock n' roll lube has its own website, so you may be able to find out there whether or not they sell it down under.
    take care,
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