Chain Lube



Guys -

I searched and searched, but found no topic that discusses how to clean/lube the motor-side chain. Do people basically lube the chain the way they lube their bike chain?

Reason I ask is that when new, the chain comes in a thin coat of grease, this coating is very sticky, and now my chain is dirty :(
they come that way so they don't get rusty and stiff (binding links)
you should be able to clean engine chain the same as reg bike chain
mine gets lubed liberally by normal operation
Same Lube. I usually end up lubing my engine chain 3 or 4 times as often as my bike chain as it gets so much more use.

I use Dumond tech lite. It is expensive, $9.96 for 4 ounce, but my chains seem to last much longer and are whisper quiet. When the noise gets louder it is my sign to re-lube the chain. Also this stuff does not attract dirt like oil based chain lubes.
i like to use a s mix of 50/50 80-90gerar oil and chainsaw bar oil seems to be thick and stiky stays on well...but thats just my hillbilly-slurey each to there own.
I had a very rusted chain back in the days of BMX bikes and plastic wheels. I salvaged it by leaving it in a tub of used motor oil from when I did an oil change on my dad's car. I was 14 at the time.
About a month later when it was time to change the other car's oil,and took the waste oil to the shop for recycling,I had forgotten about that chain. It landed on the drain at the shop and I cleaned it up with a rag and took it home.
It was good as new. No rust,like it dissapeared.
I built a bike around that chain. It was cool.
My current chains I wash it with soap and water when I wash my whole bike then spray it with WD40 while I spin the wheel.
WD-40 is your friend. I also have some silicon-based lubricant around for when I kayak (putting my paddle together, not good to use anything else in the ocean). Either way, I've powered for hundreds of miles with no problems. Check you equipment, it doesn't really take more than a few minutes to pre-check (from my days as a long-haul CLASS A driver), and make sure everything looks fine.
I've read that we should not use WD-40 on chains:

The basic idea is that wd-40 is highly penetrative. Apparently, it breaks through some barrier where it dissolves the internal chain lubricant. The chain then really suffers internally.

Of course, this is totally academic to me, i have no real hands on experience in this issue.
Remember All That Nneds Oil Is The Pin And Hole! The Type Of Terain Affects The Type Of Oil Used, As A Basic Rule In Dusty/dirty Enviroment Thinner Oil Is Best Used Which Recuces Dirt Sticking To Your Chain And Working Its Way Into The Pin Hole Which Shortens The Life Of The Chain, As The Chain Streches (beyond 1 Inch Per Link) It Causes Wear On Th Other Drive Components. My 2 1/2 Cents