Chain or friction driven motors that can be placed directly above the rear tire?

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    Man, I have been googling for a few days now and I cannot seem to find any type of gas motor that fits directly above the rear tire. I must admit I am not the most mechanicaly enclined individual. But I assumed there had to be a motor that can be set behind the seat, right above the tire. Instead of having the motor hanging off the side of your bike. I have looked at honda, mitsubishi and etc. Yet I have only found the same thing. Big motors that hang off the side of your bike and just do not look that cool! Any information would be greatly appreciated, from those with any knowledge on this issue. Money is no issue, this is my main mode of transportation, do to a slight disablity and being a younger man, I am trying ot make my CAR, aka. 2008 Fuji Patrol MTB, look as cool as possible!

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    Hey the Staton Chain drive has a option for what they call a inside mount.
    I centers the motor about as close as your gonna get it.

    I was also worried about a motor hanging off the side, but ya know you really dont even notice it when riding.. It's not really a ballance issue, just a looks issue, but if the engine is behind you you wont see it anyway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have TWO! engines hanging on "The Dragon Lady".:devilish:

    You notice it when walking the bike.:detective:

    As soon as you hop on and hit both throttles, there IS no balance problem.:jester:
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    Thank you for your response.

    It looks as if I am stuck with having the engine hang off the left side of the tire. I was mainly worried about the looks, more then the balance issue. Just being a young guy, I am sure you can imagine looks still matter to me when having any type of transportation. All I know is, I have been riding with pedals for a few months and I am ready to slice every car tire I see! Not that this gas powered motor will help out in that issue, but move over drivers, bikers own the road in the very near future! Cars kill, bikes save, fact that cannot be ignored.
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    Back when GEBE's had a drive shaft (pic 3), they did seem to hang over the right, but when the new clutch system and housing came along (pic 2) they now seem to sit nearly in the middle.

    And the brand newest, with the air cooled clutch housing, seem to be even narrower than before (I'd have to go measure it to confirm, but it looks to be "thinner"- and it definitely has more pep).

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    Great information man, but one question

    Where can I find the one you mentioned last. The newest, more narrow motor? I am assuming you are talking about the engine kits on the goldenmotors website, but I could be incorrect. I have heard alot about the Gebe kits, is golden motors the only place you can get them? Also Gebe is the kit, but what motor are you talking about that is more narrow and has more pep? Thanks alot man for your response and I will check back soon for any info.
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    GEBE is Golden Eagle...., click up in the Sponsor list.

    The clutch/housing I put on in December, took to NorthCarolina in April was the "old" variety, the ones I received in the last month were the new variety.

    And you could feel the difference right out of the box. The air cooled housing is basically slots in a non-metal casing, so the clutch won't overheat, and Denis said would be easier to work on in case you ever had to. (I've never replaced a clutchpad, wouldn't know about that).
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    Well I clicked on the link and it brought me to golden eagle engines. But there is no such sponsor list anywhere on the site that I can see. Thanks anyways man, I appreciate the effort.
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    Many of the vintage bike motor kits did sit directly above the front & rear tire, & were friction drive. I like the old kits & presently, don't own one newer than early 1970's. Check out this link & you will see one type that was, & still is popular. Look at the bottom of the page & you will see an e mail address for Mike Schneider, who sells these kits, new, & rebuilt, plus all parts.
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    Thanks alot

    But I have decided to go with an inside chain driven set up I found. I did get a kick out of those old school motors though. To think my mother or the man who brought me into the world, could of been cruizing around with those!
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