Chains Chain popped off of rear sprocket

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Big Motor Bike Man, Oct 7, 2010.

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    Well I finally finish installing my engine kit on my new bike, and when I go to fire it up for the first time, I go about 5ft. and the chain pops of the sprocket, and gets twisted up a bit.

    But I think I know why it did that, I put the rubber and metal spacers on both sides of the sprocket (front and back), instead of both behind the sprocket therefore putting the chain out of alignment.

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    this happens dont get discouraged,.. fix it,.. it'll last a while,... after ripping the spokes out of a few wheels you'll see the light and order a sick bike parts shift kit (im assumeing you have a 2 stroke chinese bike motor) if you are a larger individual this will be a problem untill you rig some other way to drive the rear wheel (or get a heavy duty hub that the sproket bolts directly to)
    the original mounting scheme for the sproket in the weak part of these kits
    good luck!

    by the way if you do decide to get a shift kit it will let you use the rear wheel gears to get better speed and hill climb (more than one gear is awsome!!!)
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    I can't get a shifting kit because I have a 1 speed beach cruiser, but I'm hoping to find out the price of a Nuvinci N360 CVP transmission, that would be the best option for my bike if the price is rite.

    Here's the link if you wan't to check it out:
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    you can put a shift kit on a one speed beach crusier,..... it would work particuarly well with an internal gear hub (i run sturmey archer 8 speed with drum brake) on a 1960's murray beach crusier i dont have the sick bike parts shiftkit (i built my own jackshaft) but i am using the sick bike parts freewheel crankset
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    Well I decided to get rid of the stupid tensioner, I'm going to put on a #41 chain which is a little wider and heavier duty than the stock chain, and tighten it by taking out links and pulling the tire tight (just like you would do with the pedal chain on the right side).:cool:
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    cool ,.. half links for #41 chain are availible at most hardware stores (you'll need to be as close as possible to the right length to tension both the pedal chain and the engine chain at the same time,.. it can be done) are you running coaster brakes?(backpedal type?) if not put a chain tensioner on the pedal side,.....